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Uf-f, I've just finished scanning and posting everything in my small Jamaica collection worth showing. Just 14 coins inclusing 1887, 1888 and 1919C farthings, 1895, 1899, 1907 and 1909 half pennies, 1906, two 1909, 1914, 1916H and 1926 pennies. And 1966 crown.

Link in the footer and here too http://www.omnicoin.com/?collection=sandy3075, just sort by the country or you get all of my small but still growing collection.


I am thinking about making coin scans available on DVD once I'll hit the 2,500 coins which will fill one DVD nicely. Maybe a good study material for everyone interested but not being able to join local coin collecting groups, mening exclusively Internet collectors. But it will most likely take me a year to get that many scanned, especially given the business travel I'll have this year.

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Fantastic additions. I find it peculiar that it reads George the Sixth rather than having Roman numerals. Wonderful pieces though.

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Nice pennies Sandy. I much prefer the design of the George V coins. The circles of dots are quite attractive - to me.

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