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Cull Call Out I "Ended"

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Picked up two cull coins (And I'm not kidding the local coin store has an cull box with a bunch of U.S. coins in a box. So these are from it.) These are some where below good. Maybe even P01 for those looking for the low grade sets. (According to how it turns out I may try this again.)


Anyways heres the rules.


Only one guess per person per day. (Any more then per day will be ignored. So fair warning.) You may take a guess on both coins in the same day. I would prefer it be on the same post.


Time/date is whats listed at Coin People. Not your local time.


First person who correctly guesses type and year gets that coin. (If two people post at the same time the first showing in order gets it.) Mint is not needed.


Just in case I did not think of something which should have been in the rules to call the winner my judgment stands.




hints. One from above They both are U.S. coins. Next they both are over 50 years old. (You did not think I'd make it that easy on you. :ninja: )



First coin




Second coin




Have fun! ;)

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:ninja: I may try to take a couple more pictures of the same shot. I've got to admit the picture on the copper is pretty poor. I'm going to wait a bit to see how it goes.


BTW if you aren't sure whether are due a post just look at your last guess and if it says yesterday or has a date its okay. I figured that would be easier to track the saying 24 hours.

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