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    I like silver, I like silver, I like coins, and I like silver...
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    I'm new to this hobby but I love it so far. I also enjoy music, guitar, busness, and economics. I love electronics (I'm going to school for electrical engineering.).
  1. Oddly quiet! If I have learned anything from horror flicks, it is that a hurricane must be right behind me NOW!
  2. You are a slick one you How have you been?
  3. Yep, hopesfully you got it for a good price. Some shady companies try to pass these things off in hopes that the buyer will think it's a genuine US Mint product. You'll get slightly over spot for it retail and slightly under spot if you sell to a dealer, jeweler etc.
  4. Honestly the edge lettering was my favorite thing about them. Other than that I find the series to be boring. I'm hoping they can really bring it to life.
  5. Kristofer

    Silver nikels

    As stated above, only the 1942-1945 ones due to a nickel(the metal) shortage during WWII. All others are an alloy of 75% copper and 25% Nickel. The silver content of 1942-1945 nickels I believe is 35% but due to manganese they aren't popular to melt down so they aren't a heavily sought after coin for their silver content. I personally love silver and have a whole big bunch of them. And if the price of silver went nuts then these coins would follow suit, manganese or not. But that's metal speculation and not numismatics so I'll digress from here
  6. lol, that's not for me to answer LD, can you field this one?
  7. Coinage is a numismatics magazine and Lost Dutchman is a prominent and respected member of this forum. He owns Lost Dutchman Rare Coins and LDRCoins.com. He just got married, changed shops and has a child on the way, or possibly already born which is probably part of the reason he hasn't been as active on the forums recently. you'll see him popping up more once the dust settles I'm sure. Congrats Mr. Dutchman, sounds like you're making quite the name for yourself!
  8. Looks like we've got a super spammer, all five of his posts are spam.
  9. Hey Alex, Welcome to CoinPeople. The First choice is absolutely not for a cleaned coin, but one whos condition has been maintained bright white since its minting. Hope this helps to clarify things
  10. You can say that again! At first it was a landslide in favor of toned, now it's neck and neck! I'm probably going to put up a more refined poll as was requested numerous times.
  11. Very Nice coin! Your pictures came out great too!
  12. Wow, very nice sir! And congratulations on your new coming appraiser! We look forward to seeing pictures of you and your newest member! Good luck, and as I've said... If I am in Indiana, I'll be stopping by! Sincerely, Kristofer
  13. I would like to thank some of you guys for your interest, and all of you for your support. Alas, all of my britannias are gone. I'll keep you all updated on new items. I'm hoping to get a few 2009 Eagles soon. I'll let you all know I have gotten some Bright BU 1964 D Silver Quarters up which are stunning and a couple of other nice items. I'll let you know as they come in
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