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Canadian Mint claims the rights to the words "one cent"


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Should have done this in the first place:

The Royal Canadian Mint, a corporation of the federal government, has now

demanded that the City of Toronto pay $47,680 for the public education

campaign. Included in this amount is a request for $10,000 for the use of the

words "one cent" in the campaign website address (www.onecentnow.ca) and the

campaign email address (onecentnow@toronto.ca), and an additional $10,000 for

the use of the words "one cent" in the campaign phone number (416-ONE CENT).

The remaining $27,680 has been assessed against the City for the use of the

image of the Canadian penny in printed materials such as pins and posters.

(The Mint has come to this amount by taking the total number of materials

printed divided by the approximate population of Toronto, and then using a

percentage of that number to arrive at a dollar figure.)

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I'm not around here much, but I am still a moderator. I deleted all the posts about a personal attack post. I guess all the admins/mods don't get everywhere, but when you see a post like that I would advise to report it and not respond to it. One attack breeds another.



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