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  1. Thinking of submitting this one for professional grading; wanted to know what you all thought before I committed the funds. Thanks a million!
  2. ]Yup, I'm afraid my collecting time has come to an end - I've finally started to figure out where I want to go in life (only took me 27 years!) and I'd like to start focusing on my creative work. That being said, I've spent some great times here with you all and wish you all the best in life and with your collecting. I'll probably lurk from time to time, and live vicariously through your collecting Now, on to the juicy part! Yes, I'm parting with my beloved coin babies. They've been tucked in a DirecTV box in a dark closet for quite some time, and I'd like to reintroduce some of these gems back to the market. So, I'll be posting a Want To Sell thread shortly. If I could beg some help for old time's sake, though, I need a little advice regarding pricing my best pieces. I want to be fair, but I don't want to sell myself short. These are my four most prized pieces: 1839 Braided Hair "Booby" Large Cent 1858-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar - every time I pull it out I'm FLOORED by the detail 1917 Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter 1929 Standing Liberty Quarter http://www.pinterest.com/kathrynknocke/coins-for-sale/
  3. A good point, SM... "If I see one more Wheat Cent, I'm gonna barf" kind of thing? Maybe I'll intern first. Thanks for the great input, all, at the very least it doesn't hurt to try
  4. Hey all - My entire career (despite being certified as a teacher in another state) has been completely in retail. I'm past ready for a change, and was hoping to get some advice. I am an organizational whiz, experienced with MS Office, with a some background in retail management/operations/logistics; I was wondering if that (along with the patience to pour through rolls and rolls and rolls of coins) could get me in with your average local coin shop as, say, a secretary of sorts. I'm not looking for a lot of pay; I'm mostly interested in learning! If this is a tall order, as (in this economy) it could very well be, please say so! This is mostly to gauge the plausibility of this path and hopefully tweak my resume in the right direction. Thank you all for your help! TG
  5. I had read an older post trying to research my question that recommended certain kinds of tupperware for coin storage - as long as the plastic was a certain kind (the good kinds were listed) there shouldn't be any adverse effects. If this is true, would I be right in assuming that storing my collection in an approved tupperware which is then stored inside my pretty trunk would work fine? Here is link: Link
  6. I was at a Michael's recently and adored all the great unfinished wooden boxes/trunks they have available to doll up as you wish, and I thought of my collection, which is currently in an old DirecTV cable box in the closet. Mostly for my own enjoyment, I played around with the idea that I might like to craft one of those boxes into a tidy collection chest, but of course I wanted to ask the obvious exposure questions, including: Does unfinished wood (probably mostly balsa) release harmful chemicals that could affect my collection? Right now it's stored in AirTites and the fancy Whitman albums with the plastic slide-in panels. Now, if I paint the exterior of the trunk with acrylic paint (not oil), will the coins be exposed to harmful chemicals in the dry paint? What about cured hot glue? I'm gonna assume that wood stain is out of the question. If I can get away with this without damaging the goods I'll be sure to post a pic of it when it's done. TG needs a proper chest to store her booty! Many thanks as always!
  7. It took a while - in the off time I moved from St. Louis, MO to San Francisco, CA and most recently to the OC. A lot of the collection was sacrificed, but the gems of my type set are still with me. Back to square one searching bank rolls until we're not broke again
  8. I'd do my research and see what gave me the most bang for my buck. If you're not looking for high-qual key date examples necessarily, and what is available is commanding a premium for quality, I'd wait for a more reasonable piece. Or the reverse: Really wanting a gem key-date? Are these pieces up to snuff? If not, would you be content filling your space now and upgrading later? Or would you rather put that money toward a just-right fit? Is there a "just right" piece in the group of four? On an emotional level, which would hurt the worst if someone bought it out from under you? (I do this for clothes as I work retail: "I love this skirt, and it's the only one left in my size... If someone buys it before my next shift, will I be heartbroken to see it's gone?) Eh, that's my advice, anyway
  9. Pix or it didn't happen Edit: Seriously though, very interested to see, always wanted to try minting my own!
  10. Oh, no Best wishes towards a good resolution.
  11. *GASP* The Stig? Also, so jelly! Carson City always interested me.
  12. The dinky multiple choice quiz pops up before the last commercial break in a show where they buy a slot machine. The question - Which is the earliest symbol to be used in slot machines? The choices - A) Cherry Gold Coin C) Bell, with an image of each next to the choice letter. Except for the gold coin. For that one they have the reverse of a silver Washington quarter. *** Please delete if repost!***
  13. Hey. A girl can dream, can't she? When the loans are finally paid off, I might be able to venture from raiding the banks to tracking down some decent ancient pieces. It'll take much longer to start acquiring textbook-esque pieces like those you have there, SM.
  14. I like the way you think, SM! I'll see what I can do, but even after a year and a half I'm only really familiar with the routes to and from my work. All very interesting stories and approaches; once I get my next couple of paychecks I know how I'll be spending my weekends! Thanks all!
  15. Back when I was at school in my dinky college town, I had a great routine for pestering the local banks on a regular basis, monthly or so, asking for new dollars and quarters, plus any/all halves or perhaps Ikes (perhaps you remember when I bought, what was it, $500 of them from the U.S. Bank and sold them on eBay by the roll for about 50% profit?). Anyway I've gotten out of the habit - I guess the big city doesn't lend itself to neat finds like that - and was kind of curious what you all do when it comes to new releases, roll searching, uncommons; maybe even you have a circuit of the Coinstars you check regularly. How often do you dig into the bargain bins? I'm not asking for spending limits or personal stuff like that, I mostly want to see if it gives me some new ideas and to kickstart my motivation again. Thanks!!!
  16. My husband makes fun of me every time I wander over after checking out. Is there a polite way to hover when you see someone emptying their pickle jars?
  17. Because I've been paying back all my loans, I've been entertaining myself by reading all about the ancients. I made a spreadsheet (down to one part time job until Monday; loads of time, little money) of all the ladies on Roman and Greek coinage in the highest points of their civilizations (I'd need to double check the exact dates). Just based on the information I could find (well, for the Roman ones anyway), I made a table of issuing rulers and which issues of theirs had ladies on them (and they could be goddesses, representations of ideas or countries, or real people). For the Greek ones I just listed all the ladies I found evidence of that were on a coin. (Even the San Francisco library is wanting for coin books!) I don't plan on getting a copy of EVERY ONE, I mostly made the spreadsheet as a starting point (and for a few hours of entertainment). There are a couple I found strikingly beautiful and will search for in particular - when I can - and I also would like an Owl and a Turtle piece just because... history!
  18. What do you mean by the commodity market? Nah, I was just thinking about the factor of reduced mintage only, if that alone could have much effect. Thank you for answering that question!
  19. CCG - Mintage, sorry! TDP - Ah, duly noted on #2. Moneys over aesthetics.
  20. Digging up this thread... 1) Per vending machines - shouldn't they really start overhauling them to all take credit cards soon? If we DID have to change alloys, the time it takes to do the research and start producing would give those companies the time to set that all up, right? 2) Per designs - Liberty. Period! --- Well, I do like the little commemorative series we've been doing lately, the 2009 Lincolns and the 2004-5 Jeffersons and whatnot. I like shaking it up a little once in a while, but I hate seeing the government go in over their heads with humongous obligations like the Presidential Dollars (which you can only get new now from the mint!) and National Parks Quarters ("What, they haven't finished the States yet?" - I'm often asked when I dig through the tills for shiny new pieces). Cool ideas, but keep the commitment minimal. Quality is better than quantity. 3) Per gold/silver/copper - Why yes, I'd love to carry these suckers around in my coin purse, but with the trend toward electronic payment systems, not to mention the hassle of constant re-sizing when the prices of gold and silver go up (just look at your favorite type set literature for examples) - especially with the volatile market today, I'm not sure that the use of precious metals would be as stabilizing for the U.S. Dollar as we would like. 4) Per holed coins - Didn't we make patterns like this in the past, and decide against it for operational/logistical reasons? Of course the technology has improved, but I just had been reading a patterns book recently and thought I'd bring it up. Totally on board if holed pieces work fine though! 5) Per losing the cent - How long is the life of a cent? If we just up and stopped making them today, we wouldn't have to change all prices to .05 right away, would we? And by the time came to discuss halting production of the nickel, I would expect that an exponentially greater percentage of people would be using electronic payment anyway? As long as banks keep those pieces in the vault at need, I would think the transition would be a lot cleaner - and subtler - than many people are worried about. Or we could just take example from the half cent... 6) Per denomination overhaul - while it would definitely be cool for me as a collector, I don't think it would be worth the trouble when we're trending toward electronic transactions anyway. 7) A new thought - Supply and demand: If the Mint reduced the amount of every cent, nickel, dime, and quarter next year by, for instance, 25%, then by more and more, would people start valuing coin more and raise the intrinsic value of the dollar (and cent, nickel, dime, quarter)? I mean, that's what inflation is, right? And wouldn't that help with the Mint/government's financial woes? You would think that would be the logical next step, as the need for hard cash has drastically declined. Under-demanded, over-supplied. I wonder if lines 3 and 7 could be related...
  21. When I unloaded some of my pieces a few years ago I still kept the AirTites I'd used for them, and now, looking at my Type set, I think I could stand to spend a little on Choice BU specimens from about 1950 - on rather than sticking the shiniest I could find at the time into my coveted Type set. So, before I pry open the capsules with my soon-to-be ruined fingernails while risking damage to the capsule, and before I throw those used capsules in with the brand-spanking new ones, does anyone have any suggestions for opening and cleaning them? Thank you!
  22. When did the TCCS become absorbed into the NGC? Does anyone know if any of the old databases were carried over?
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