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Ancient Roman Hobo Nickels


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I have been wanting a Hobo Nickel, specifically from our friend Billzach. So I ended up with two of them that have a Roman theme:




The Emperor...




and The Centurion.


IMO they are outstanding works of art and its hard to imagine but they look even better in hand.

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I have always found these Hobo nickels to be very cool!


Two questions come to mind however.


1) What grade nickels are most often used?

2) According to the Wiki article, as many as 200,000 Hobos may have been made already, with new artistist picking up the medium. When (if ever) does this start making a dent for those just collecting the original coins- whether in pricing or just finding a coin in a certain grade?

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It seems ironic to see the word "LIBERTY" next to a Roman Emperor.

Not really when you consider the Romans were free people, as opposed to slaves like all of their conquered subject peoples...

I think a Roman concept of 'freedom' was somewhat different to a modern, Western one...

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