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  1. Thanks for the link and good advice. ...and yes...If those dies had hit me I would be in bad shape.
  2. Hi again, been absent for a bit as I was moving to a new home. I have also been, when I find the time, experimenting. This time I got my hands on some Bronze and with more pressure I was able to get some good impressions. The type of metal really makes the difference. Here is my best example in bronze: My previous press had a catestrophic failure that sent my dies flying at warp speed to lodge into the wall and the coin I was minting like a blade stuck in a door frame. The dies clashed and bent. So this is the only die I have right now. I have a new press (with a guage...imagine that) so its time to remake the hardtimes token and a few other die ideas. I just cant get a good impression on the bronze and copper with a hammer. Thanks Dru
  3. Not the best source to go on of course and 75% of all unverified statistics are made up BUT any collector knows that some scenario like this is probably the case and does his best to avoid this. That is why I will always comb the fake reports...reports that good people keep to help buyers, even dealers who find them in their lots. There are many people out there attempting to weed out fakes...in fact I have weeded a few out myself here on this forum then saw the same guy on Forum ancient Coins and weeded him out there as well. The more you collect, the more image pass your eyes...the more fakes you recognize and remember. This is simply the case with all collectables.
  4. They appear to be intact to me save a few I notice with cracks and breaks. Don't know though.
  5. or at least a bit more info to go on.
  6. Its a Lincoln / Kennedy Penny It is a private company in the 70's?...I don't know which or if there was more than one...that took pennies and stamped Kennedy on them, and distributed them with a card that told of the similarities between the two presidents. There are many example online and some for sale on eBay.
  7. Maybe, it does seem to be a huge collection...It is a bit overwhelming...
  8. I know there are many fans of his work here (myself included), one in particular I remember who posts here who seemed to have more medals of his than anyone else...so this might be interesting. http://www.ha.com/c/search-results.zx?Ne=1154&N=793+794+791+792+2088+4294948480&No=0
  9. I'm not a big fan of gold but I agree, this would be outstanding in any metal.
  10. French States-Bishopric City of Strasbourg, Alsace, Charles of Lorraine (1593-1607), Kreuzer, Undated (c.1595) + DEO * GLORIA Legend surrounding inner circle enclosing fleur-de-lis + ARGENTINA Legend surrounding inner circle enclosing fleur-de-lis Plain edge 18mm, 0.87g, Silver cant help with KM #
  11. Its a 'table medal', not sure how rare it is but I have seen them for sale for about 100 USD less or more. Text reads "ARRIVAL OF ADOLF HITLER VICTORIOUS SOLDIERS IN MÜHLDORF 17th July 1940" and it shows a tower, the Nagelschmiedturm, its the oldest building in Mühldorf, built in 1218.
  12. It looks similar to the Cincinnati industrial exposition medal...it ISN'T but the monogram looks similar.
  13. apparently the ruble was introduced in 2000...
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