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Pretty Girls on Banknotes ~ Denmark


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Collecting pretty girls on banknotes has got to be a rough job :ninja:


Here's my contribution, hopefully viewable by most. This lady was drawn by Clement Serveau, who liked her enough to use her on two notes. It's a big file (about 2MB), so you'll have to wait for it and I'll probably remove it after a bit. I'm sure my web bandwidth won't like this.





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Coincidentally I was looking in the Uruguay section of the Krause catalog for some German printed notes, Giesecke & Devrient printed quite a few of the Uruguayan notes up until the 1930's, except that commemorative issue printed in France, I sure would like to find a nice 5 Peso note from that series sometime.


Those BdF printed Uruguayan notes are very very scarce. I know the catalog prices look lowish in Krause(they almost always are out of line with the market) but I had never seen one of the notes until I looked at your site after looking up the German printed notes.

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Finally one of the most famous beauties of them all, from Mexic


Sorry image to large







This note is a legend in the annals of banknote collectors, the legendary Gypsy Lady was long conjectured to be an actual woman, a Spaniard named Gloria Faure that had a reputation as a lover of many of 1920's Mexico's Finance Minister, Alberto J. Pani, and also President Plutarco Elias Calles. Whilst it is known for fact that she circulated amongst many politicans during that era, it has never been proven that she is in fact the portrait on the 5 Peso note that was issued from 1925 to 1972. American Banknote Company archives suggest the image is actually referred to as "The Ideal Head of an Algerian Girl" and may have been originally intended for another work. Whatever the fact about the note, the design makes for interesting legend and served Banco de Mexico for 47 years. This note is P-59h.

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