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Just saying hello to all. New member from upstate NY; USA

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Greetings to all!

I've been collection Russian Empire coins on and off for 30 years. The world has moved on since I put away my first coin; I had to start over from "0" a couple of times. Thanks to the internet and websites like this one, collecting is a lot more fun these days. I'll try to do my part in keeping it this way. Hope we can learn a lot from each other!


Best regards,


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Thanks for the greeting. I leave in Croton, that's 35 miles north of NYC. Nice little village on the east bank of Hudson. And I guess you're in the city?


I was born and raised in NYC but I live on Long Island now. I asked b/c I also have a place in "upstate NY" (Columbia County). I'm familiar with Croton-On-Hudson, is that where you're from? If so, its a beautiful area.

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