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Pattern Indian Head Cent


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From USPaterns.com


The regular dies trial piece. These were eiter deliberately struck for sale to collectors or are mint errors as described with each piece.


Examples were struck in the following combinations:


Copper J455/P529. These are presumably on thick planchets. They may actually be mint errors on bronze planchets that were of the wrong thickness. Only 2 or 3 are believed to exist.


Copper-Nickel J456/P530. These are believed to have been struck on leftover planchets used for regular coinage from 1857-1864 and thus may be mint errors. About a dozen are believed to exist including the illustrated example.


Nickel J457/P531. There is a strong possibility that these are also mint errors struck on stock intended for either regular nickel 3 cent or shield nickel coinage. Only 2 or 3 are believed to exist.




Pretty cool. Can I ask what the approximate ask price was? I need to track down some nice patterns for my own collection and this era has the best looking designs/most appealing/obtainable patterns.

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That doesn't really sound like a bad price from some of the patterns I've seen. I mean yes, some are cheaper, but indian heads have that appeal of a well known coin. Very nice piece!

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