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  1. I've seen the small silver cups with an old silver ruble in the bottom, but never the ashtray. Quite a nifty piece there. My grandpa used to make ashtrays out of Mexican coins... have to see if I can find one at dad's place next time I'm there.
  2. All this hatred at Stalin (well deserved, I might add) what startles me is that oppressors of the same ilk adorn US coin and currency. Anyone who knows their history here knows that these men did quite a bit of double-dealing and outright murder right here in the good ol' US of A. I encourage you all to read up on Andrew Jackson(US $20 bill) he was one of the worst. In a nutshell, none of the folks we see on coins, past , present, and I'm sure future, have clean hands. I'm not in any way defending Stalin, just pointing out similarities to other portraits on other coins and currency in my country. I hope I never live to see George W. on anything of any value, be it intrinsic or perceived.
  3. That makes me feel old! I get a lot of series 1950 $20's out here. My friend works at a bank and calls me when there is an oldie that I will like.
  4. With my budget it'd have to be 1000 payments at $2.75 a piece !
  5. I'd certainly say F-15, possibly VF-20. It was graded an 8 ??? Looks far better than 8 regardless of the rarity.
  6. Wow ! I keep deuces around here and give them as gifts to my nephews and nieces. One of the girls told me it wasn't real money and gave it back to me. I convinced her later it was indeed real money and took her to the store for a soda, which she paid for with that $2 that I gave her. After that she always hits me up for another.
  7. Much appreciated. I have some nazi coppers ( all 1 pfennig) and some zincs as well. Those are harder to photograph. I'm still playing with the camera, trying to get them out there as well.
  8. 3 digit serial # plus a star? I'd say $2 right now. Such a low serial is unusual, but with a star, even more so. (Send it to me!)
  9. To all who may be interested. 1907-J Free city of Hamburg 5 mark. eBay: 1907-J Free City of Hamburg VF Details ! From looking here you can click on 'See sellers other items' and catch the rest. That one is the best one any way, IMHO.
  10. I have 2 South Dakota Quarters. I'll trade for something of similar value.
  11. It's funny to look back at US history and the one dollar denomination. When paper money was first printed by the US government, people would go out of their way to turn it into coins. Now, we as a nation are so attached to our $1 FRN that the thought of not having it sends us into fits. 100 years ago, dollar coins were unpopular due to their size and weight. Same thing applies today, as the dollar coins are roughly the size of a quarter, which makes it hard to distinguish while fishing through one's pocket. A majority of vending machines do not accept dollar coins, but do take dollar bills. The cost to convert those machines would be staggering I'm sure, so the people who own them object to elimination of $1 bills. The cost issue to the government makes sense, a coin is a little more expensive to make, but lasts exponentially longer than a paper note. Inflation would have to go through the roof to make conversion to a dollar coin feasible and acceptable to the public at large.
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