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  1. The prices were strong. Ruble 1707 was sold for 54,000 , I just have info. for one lot.
  2. I would like to get your opinion about eagle variety of poltina 1859 SPB-FB with long neck of eagle .I think this coin listed by R.W. Julian #818 eagle "a" correct me if I am wrong Will be appreciated if some body will add other picture of poltina 1859
  3. It was not expensive, scarce date .Some references from Auctions: Irving Goodman collection (1991) in XF $396.00, Hieberg collection (1997) in XF 1200 DM.
  4. Ruble ,Poltina and novodel Grivennik looks fine to me on the picture,as authencity coins .Kopeck image is too small .
  5. Dear squirrel, I can recommend send rouble to NGC for authencity of the coin before you contact the dealer.
  6. I'm sorry , but coin on the picture looks like not original
  7. Coin is fake, the same as from RNS. Please see in word "polypolbtinnik" between "b" and "L" the same identical dot
  8. 10 kop 1809 Struck on 5 kopecks.(3 coins) Uzdennikov (3rd edition 2003) #4926(!!) listed only 2 coins. Bitkin (2nd edition 2003)#700(R4),701(R4) listed only 2 coins 1.10 kop. 1809 Struck on 5 kopecks 1778 - ex. collection Vasilyeva (1911). 2.10 kop. 1809 Struck on 5 kopecks 1795- ex. collection Russian Imperial History Museum (1898) 3.10 kop. 1809 Struck on 5 kopecks 1803-1804 –ex. St.Petersburg Archeological Society collection(1910)
  9. I am specialized in polupoltinas of Peter I, first time I see fake coin in 2001 on my trip to Ukraine some body offer me coin .I and well know collector V.Vayshenker was agree ,this coin is fake, after 2001 I see fake coin 4 times .For references of original, you can see: I. Goodman collection 1991 lot 123, Superior sale dec.3 1999 lot 1146. You should pay attention: 1. Dots on circle close to to the edge of fake coin looks like wide line or wide dots. 2. Edge (#0) looks like oval because hardly cleaned. And…
  10. Fuel token 1784 countermark on 5 kopecks from my collection.
  11. I agree, not the best way if coin turns greenish. Some body told me about virgin olive oil, but I never try before. Also NGC provide conservation, interesting if some body has positive experience.
  12. Nice and scarce coin in high grade. Only green spot between 4 and 5 o’clock. I’m always worried then I put coins for my collection with green spot. .Is any body has idea how removed by non chemical green spot from the coin.
  13. Very rare and hard to find coin .I have find one porous for my collection ,and for last 10 years only only 3-4 coins on the auction was listed.
  14. Silver 1726 original Polupoltinnik was holed, some times if you can not find better coin in mint condition. personally I collect coins, not grading.
  15. As far I know the etalons was used by mint for coincidence weight to regular struck coin, but not for wending machines. Correct me if I wrong. Rarenum
  16. Thank You , small silver coins of Peter I like more then Rubles, and back in the days I have fond couple for my collection .
  17. Also letters "KM" looks wrong - I have seen before the same fakes of polushka 1764
  18. The picture of the coin original.
  19. As I promised before I post couple images from my collection. 2.1714 5 kopecks original
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