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  1. I don’t like letters, dots, and eagle.Looks like well done fake.
  2. Coins used for decoration and not all the time as central detail.
  3. I'm Interesting to buy copper coins of Peter I in AU condition.
  4. Sorry to hear.Mr.Brekke and Mr.Bekken was a true gentleman's . Russian Numismatics lost two great knowledgeable collectors of 20th century. They will be missed and remembered. Rarenum
  5. No mintage information available today. Ingots listed in Severin, Uzdenikov and Bitkin catalogs. Rarenum
  6. I have other rare 5 kopecks 1763-1796, but I don't remember if any other 5 kopecks from Diakov book in my collection
  7. Very nice coin with match die break on the crown. Congratulations, Sigi! Images Diakov 253 from coin in my collection. Rarenum
  8. Steve and squirrel , Great coins, small silver coins of Peter I one of most interesting period of Russian numismatics. Rarenum.
  9. It is hard to tell from the images .My personal opinion from first look, I would stay away from this coin. Rarenum
  10. I have seen coin before, possible 5-7 years ago on eBay some body sold this coin. From the image coin looks authentic , on 11 o'clock possible mounting removed ,but you have purchasing for Great special price for today market and for one plus highest grade on the auction coin will cost $$$$$. Coin remind me the time then I stop collecting poltinas . Would love to see a coin after you receive it. Great buy Igor, congratulations!
  11. I'm sorry to hear that,very sad news.
  12. Brekke and Bekken Supplement listed copper overdates only for 1708-1864. Rarenum
  13. Well, not in my experience for Proof coin of 19th century .Can you send the dates listed with overdates? THanks,Rarenum.
  14. Agree with 4965577 ,coin not original . Rarenum
  15. Thanks Steve, Very interesting , before I see only 1872/1 from type 1867-1917.Should review my images. Will keep you update if I will find more overdates. Rarenum
  16. I'm the seller, fund out about overdate from the image after coin was listed on eBay. Try to find out more information about 1900/899 overdates. Didn't see a lot of overdates for type of 1867-1917. Rarenum
  17. I recently found interesting overdate 1900 over 1899.Three numbers! in date was re-engraved by Mintmaster. Is anybody see the same overdate? Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/...me=STRK:MESE:IT Thanks,Rarenum
  18. Steve, My opinion images quality is poor and I should get better images for Virtual Museum. Rarenum.
  19. Original 1713 grivennik, I'm sorry not the best quality images. Rarenum
  20. Coin was struck by original dies. In 1980's the coin market wasn't hot and the prices for Russian coins was low.
  21. BAND I.A. RUSSLAND-SERIE-SPEZIAL .Die Probemunzen der UdSSR 1921-1983. Reinhold Kaim. 1000 books was printed.Published 1984 Rarenum.
  22. Have the best experience with coin cabinets and great for display. In my experience Paper envelopes is chipper and second coin keeping better then the first in the same envelope .First coin if there is any acid sock in, but you have to be careful.If first coin have more problem after keeping in the same envelope for years, you must get rid of the envelope and not to used for second coin. Rarenum
  23. The documents is genuine and in my collection . Rarenum.
  24. Thank you nicholasz219 for pointed coin from my ebay store.Most of my coins I have purchasing back in years(??) and I should update the rarity .My wife (Valeriya) very fast with listings and didn't give me a chance to update description for 1743/1 denga. Rarenum PS:description updated ,If you have any additional question about denga or other coins from my store please feel free to ask me.
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