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  1. I have in arhives printed copy of the price list (incl.grivennik) from Dmitry Aleksandrov /Chicago Dealer/,will try to find next week.
  2. Hi Sigi,Interesting,1726 was holding by collector from NY , according his words was holding for long time.I refused his personal offer for 2 coins (incl.Ex Sigi coin) because price was to high Rarenum
  3. Hello Minelaos, Sorry,your coin is not not genuine,cast copy. Welcome to the forum,Rarenum
  4. Hi Sigi, 309-$500.00, 335-$325.00 Please send your contact pm and I will reply with pr Rarenum
  5. I used Denisov books ,one of the best for Russian Paper money
  6. You save a lot of money not using red pass:). Very nice I loved vacations in Europe,should schedule next year instead my wife preference (Islands)
  7. Some body belived in story. You didn't get red pass? I hope you enjoy your vacation
  8. Very usefull info. and currently the best book about Shestak and Tympf's is Ryabtsevich book .For varaity Diakov book is very good but more expencive. Rarenum
  9. IgorS, If you have a chance to take images from the edge of 1886 ruble would be great Rarenum
  10. Thanks alexbg2 and squirrel, Coin is better then images and not possible to find for reasonable price and I have better one .I'm not sure if it ex. Markov coin ,purchasing about 10 years ago. Rarenum.
  11. Agree with you,I see all problem before and just confirm with better images. You can find original variety in M.Diakov catalog (2000) page 197 #31 . Rarenum
  12. Hello Ultra, Looks like coin harshly cleaned original with some problems. If you can received better images I recommend review more details.First mount was removed or not and second if details was re-engraved . Rarenum
  13. About 5 years ago I have interesting experience with PCGS and NGC company's. First I send 7 coins(5 kopecks silver of 19th century)to PCGS and received back 2-Proof and 5-Mint State. Second I break 5 holders(MS) and send coins to NGC and received 4(PF) and 1(MS). I was trying to grade 7 coins as Proof and final result was 6 Proof and 1 Mint State.My point is with all respect to grading company's we should look inside the holder and collect coins ,not the numbers on the holder.Collectors ,dealers,graders can have different opinion according on knowledge and experience. Rarenum
  14. Would be very interesting experience if some body send to grading company without breaking the slab and company change from MS to PF.
  15. I am not sure where Haiti and Philippines came from, I was referring to US coins mostly. But be sure - world mints were not working that differently. The technology was simply taken from the leaders in the field, like Boulton in England, who invented modern minting equipment. As you remember Russia bought that equipment too And I still insist - Proof is not a condition of the coin struck with business strike dies, but a result of technological process I described in my prior post. Proof coin is a result of that technological process and cannot become non Proof. As far as NGC grading and giving some grades in MS of PF - it has nothing to do with Proof technology, but simply with subjective opinions of NGC experts, based on their experience. You and me are "old school" - what can NGC teach us? Leading Bolton technology was used for Business and Proof .Technological process is different with additional steps and improving product final results for the period of the time in some cases Proof destroyed and hard or not possible to identified . I would be happy if grading company will start grade as you speak and separate PF from MS, but today we have no better competitors in US and finally we have coins graded in MS with different “Technological process”. As you know I newer grade coins from my collection if not decide to sell. Since I started dealing with world coins is different, large number of collectors and dealers around the world buying with conference graded coins and I should see the same way as leading grading company. NGC can reach us only if spend more money for major references and hired Professional in Russian Numismatics "old school" for full time and we both know it is not possible today.One good point I see today they starting collect images in archives.Would be great if in addition add edge images for graded coins .
  16. Agree about world coins with different “Proof characteristics”. And not possible to compare Russian with Haiti , Philippines … For Russian silver Proof coins of 19th and 20th century all the time with mirror (Proof) finished .One of the old fashion way to identified Russian Proof coin we can read newspaper reflects in the coin from 3+ centimeters distance . In some cases lower Grade (PF-58) not because mint ” PROOF IMPAIRED” techniques .For example I had previously experience not agree with NGC about one memorial rouble of 19th century .Send to NGC 3 times.1st Grade MS60,2nd-MS61,3rd-PF58 .Coin with light hairlines and old cabinet toning. I’m sure if I removed the toning I could get better grade but it is different case. Finally we find something we are not agree after “short time” collecting
  17. Hi IgorS, As you know for Proof used the same coins as for regular(business ) struck, just brushed special finished . If surfaces was removed ,for example coin accidently get in circulation or cleaned … we can’t say it is Impaired Proof coin if 20% or 10% of the proof coin remain. Possible to described Proof like surfaces remain on the edge or... But I’m not agree with description ” PROOF IMPAIRED” in conditions if surfaces was removed for last couple hundred years no by mint. For example 25 kopecks from Heritage. It is just my opinion
  18. Funny seller from Brooklyn. Good candidate in the future as a client for you
  19. I can see some details remain from original struck Proof coin, if some body see the edge of the coin it could be more helpful info. Not Proof any more because was keeping not safe as should be. Rarenum
  20. About 8 years back I sold most of my 25 kopecks series of 19th century included 1827 wings down Proof 66 ,was not able to find any better for long time.
  21. Last 10 kopecks in VF condition I sold 10 times less from listed price .
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