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  1. Igor, KM-130.5 1707 SMALL HEAD WITH "G" Rarenum
  2. Hi Aleksander, It is hard to find logic if some catalogs outdated or info. missing. The best specialized book for period of the Peter the Great is Diakov book for gold, silver and copper 2 parts (2000) or for gold and silver (2012): Listed for 1707: 2 variety.-with"H" with Cyrillic and Arabic 1 variety.- "H" missing, Arabic date 1 small head var. with "G",Arabic date in additional 1 pattern with text"MOSKOVSKIY" with Cyrillic date and novodels struck in gold and silver with Arabic date Rarenum
  3. Hello Alexander, The difference is: year,type... -Rarenum
  4. I would agree if we have enough financial resources to pay. On my wanted list was about 10-15 times more coins than I purchesing and I remember how hard was paid for my invoice , ask for extension back in 2000 to pay my invoice and the same time about 1-2 years after auction I was purchasing more coins(Ex Renaissance) from other dealers and paid extra. It was great time and prices for Russian coins more affordable Rarenum.
  5. IgorS purchasing nice error at Renaissance sale,it was great auction back in 2000.All collection sold for $1.1-$1.2 million I believed only one coin in couple years after sale can be sold for $1.0 million. I remember before the auction dealers was saying Russian coin market will be down because 3000+ coins from one auction it is too many coins for Russian market, they was wrong. Rarenum
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Russia-Rouble-1762-Eagle/331693900355?_trksid=p2047675.c100011.m1850&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D34003%26meid%3Dc00ce83b54484a87ab7293018f96b262%26pid%3D100011%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D3%26sd%3D262110296231 One more fake
  7. Coin not original. Rarenum
  8. Agree with Bobh, just private countermark /counterstamp more like for fun or try .Letter "F" on the middle looks different from other two . Usually I buy coins with countermarks/counterstamps for collection just for fun Rarenum
  9. I belived I have one copy in my library,will check tomorrow and let you know. Rarenum.
  10. extant4cell, eBay have regulation and after placing the bids or purchasing the items you are in agreement with ebay policy . The seller return policy clearly stated on the listings: "Seller does not offer returns. You are covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee - opens in a new window or tab if you received an item that is not as described in the listing." I would prefered stay away buying from the seller without return policy and for returns contact eBay Money back Guarantee team. Rarenum
  11. Hi Sigi, I can recomend one way I would do : 1.Contact the seller or eBay and ask for return time extenthion,I belived you have about 30 days 2.Send coin to NGC for replace slab (not for grading),I belived to replace the plastic cost less. 3.Return graded coin back to the seller if eBay customer service or seller agree. About 3rd party grading possible the sticker is very small to descred all scratches,nidle dots and rim nicks... and it easy to described as XF details. NGC is big multimillions company and if you need to add any additional text on sticker you should pay additional. Rarenum.
  12. I see several times auction houses in US refused the returns if slab was removed,it was different cases(coin autencity) and I belived Grading Company guaranty autencity. In your case seller have right to refused the returns becouse slab was broken.Most of the seller accept the returns if coin return in the same condition as received. You can open the case "item not as descrebed" ... and try to get refund (partial or full payment) I don't know if NGC can be responsible for edge damage not descrebed on the sticker. Looks like metal was not removed and avarage XF details condition.We always have risk find somthing unvisiable if we buy slabed coins. Rarenum
  13. As you know before I was staying in Zurich across the street from Opera , small room and great breakfast included with 20 cheese variety... Last time I was staying in very good hotel with great customer service and better room. If you are interesting I can send you the link's.
  14. Catherine I, 'Mourning' rouble looks questionable
  15. I had see only one example .Review coin several years ago(1990's) and return back to the seller. Can’t confirm authencity:(
  16. Sorry,no luck .Shold open more arhive boxes.Will add as soon I fing it. Rarenum
  17. Thank you for Novodel Continue see recent sales...possible more additional archives information will help. Rarenum
  18. In addiion novodel of 1726 Ex.Brekke Coll.from link you provided post#39 was long time in my collection
  19. Hi extant4sell, Finally have time to review images you provided and after short review 1.Coin #1 in the date "1726" number "1" closed to "7" .Coins#2,3 date apart "1 726" 2.Coin #1 heat touch spear.Coin#2,3 not touch heat 3.Coin#1,2 heat-sombrero style,coin#3-big heat. 4.Coin #3 horse's tail is wide and almost toching circle,Coin#2 horse's tail is different from #2 .Coin#1 I can't see horse's tail. I can continue about back leg of the horse... It is not the same dies ! I believed coin #3 listed long time as the best reference and I’m just curios if somebody find coin struck by exactly the same dies. Rarenum
  20. I do not trying to compare collector and store owner, just add additional info. about Petrov. In Petrov printed catalog some questionable coins and not realistic prices 1899-1915 ,but printed in French and Russian and one of most full catalog for period in one book .Collectors and dealers continue using catalog in the current references and I agree some numbers match with extra 0s Giel & Ilyn more realistic in used and several years ago I fund very interesting facts, they used as main reference Blank(3 part) sale for copper coins estimates. I'm using J.Elmen catalogue part 1-3 of Brekke collection like one of the best sale reference of Russian copper coins and very happy to buy coins from his collection if any available for sale. Mr.BFBrekke after selling his collection continue his research in Russian numismatic, last time I have conversation with Mr.Brekke hi was interesting in Russian numismatic medals and I sold one duplicate from my collection. He was very friendly person and knowledgeable numismatist. About 1726 Kopeck I'm always confused and can't find the answer. Why is the letter engraved as drunk mint master was working with dies. and why it was pattern//probe struck only one coin by one dies or exist more in the Russian collections ? Rarenum.
  21. I reed before Giel & Ilyn catalogs more punctual for beginning of 20th centhury and some numismatist call Petrov as speculator
  22. Sigi, Thank you for sharing interesting story. Rarenum
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