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  1. Hi I have started a contest on facebook. Christmas Contest. A fragment of banknote was posted. It is from the reverse (back) of a note issued by a state that still exists and it is mentioned in the Standard Catalogue of Paper Money, in the regular issue sections. Another clue. It had 3 different dates of issue. The person who will write the name of the country, the nominal value and the date (all of the 3 posibilities are considered correct) will win. The prize are 3 UNC banknotes from Czechoslovakia: Bohemia Moravia 1 korun 1940, Czechoslovakia 1 korun 1944 and Czechoslovakia 100 korun 1989. Each day, i will offer new clues or post a larger size detail. You can ask for clues like or aditional info, and I will post new comments If no one guesses, on 25 december I will pick randomly a winner from the list of person who gave like, or made a comment, or asked for a clue. How to participate: Go on facebook and enter the page of Watashi Banknotes (me) or Contest-Watashi Banknotes: [link]https://www.facebook.com/pages/Contest-Watashi-Banknotes/601736516599052[/link] And try your luck and skill. Here are the first 2 details that were posted.
  2. Can you tell me your opinion on this 1712 half rouble? It seams to be struck with the same pair of dies as Heritage Auction 3012, august 2010, lot 21764, described as novodel. http://coins.ha.com/itm/russia/russia-peter-i-novodel-poltina-1-2-rouble-1712-/a/3010-21764.s#57515751425
  3. I have opened my ebay store, Watashi Banknotes, specialized on banknotes, paper monetary signs and fiscal documents. http://stores.ebay.com/Watashi-Banknotes Until 31 december, i offer free shipping and a gift (a romanian UNC banknote) to any member of the coinpeople forum who buy at least one item (auction free or buy it now). Just write "coinpeople" when you request the invoice or simply send me a message via ebay. Stefan
  4. Here are some of my auctions on ebay.com and ebay.co.uk http://www.ebay.com/sch/watashiro/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=1&rt=nc&_dmd=2 I offer free shipping for coinpeople members!!!
  5. 3 is a very interesting cast forgery of 4th century, and it looks to me that the prototype was a Constantinopolis type 330-335/7.
  6. my banknote website: http://watashibanknotes.webs.com/
  7. i like his ring, is bigger then the medals
  8. It's very, very rare, specimen or circulation note. I remember a similar one as above, in a auction, that was estimated at 1500$ or something around there.
  9. I don't think is Fiume, rather a Yugoslavian local stamp, maybe a Hungarian local stamp. I think is ......E BAHKA SCOH....
  10. thank you very much for the info. I can see that i did not keep in touch with the russian coins, i should have noticed all the differences and especially the MW shape. I must admit my dissapointment.
  11. Due to the rarity of this coin, the question of authenticity is always legitimate. What do you thing?
  12. in the list are mostly common notes, even in UNC grade. You might have nice surprises for some, for example Finland 1 Markka 1963 can be a replacement, or Israel 50 Shequalim 1978/5738 (1980)might have a special mark that provees to be a test notes, but they are low chances. Most of the notes can be found on ebay on individual sale, starting from few cents to 1-2 $ or in lot of 10-25-50-100 diff. notes at different prices. I do not think that they worth, in total, above 30-50 $, and that only if they are UNC!
  13. Macedonia 5000 dinar 1992 P# 7
  14. A proof made by the Stati Tiskarna Prague in the late 40's/early 50's, using the original plate, of the famous 1000 korun 1934 (considered in 1937 to be "the most beautifull banknote of the world" at the Paris Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne watermark: stars in circle (as the 1953 issues), unlike the original (head) intaglio print of the reverse of the 1000 korun 1934, the black plate. the paper is cut with miscare, 5-10 % more then the original. Another variety exist, with the signatures of Svabinsky and Wolf and a number xxx/500, probably the mintage.
  15. I understand why the circulating issues are prohibided, but called-in notes? Here are two that are auctioned today in Germany
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