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  1. Siberian 1767 10 k possible to find in VF only. Highest grade not possible to find,any XF or better should bring very strong price. Rarenum
  2. I think the only coin that I really would like at the moment is a circulated platinum 3 ruble coin. That's a few years down the road. Other regional coins such as Armavir, Tannu Tuva, Spitzbergen and Georgian coins do interest me - I just seem to have a love and hate relationship with those particular type of coins. I should offload my entire collection and see how that sparks interest - haven't seen a few coins on the market for a while. From your list I collect Georgian coins. About 15-10 years ago I was able to find 2-3 coins on every show . Last year at Chicago ANA show one coin deal
  3. I have both varaity of 10 k. in my collection.Coin#1 (10 kopecks ) looks questionable to me.
  4. Please feel free to send personal offers anytime. I thought to start this new thread to add some life to Russian section of the forum. There are some interesting coins on eBay (still!!!), don't you agree? Some have astronomical prices that some sellers believe are justifiable, and that keeps those coins unsold. They are nonetheless are attractive for different reasons: their quality, rarety, beauty, etc... If you have such examples, and you are not inclined to satisfy their exorbitant price tags in a near future, show them to everyone else, I dare you. We have little to loose doing t
  5. Slab would be good to sell a coin,collectors and dealers trust to third party grading .Dealers from Russia start paying top prices for high MS in plastic .Personally I don't like the slabs for collection. Rarenum
  6. Will pickup my lots at NYC International
  7. Thank you. Diakov 20 ,3rd variety you trying to find (closed "7K")from your post #10 not listed .I can't confirm if variety exist ,possible just flow metal or die break. Rarenum
  8. Diakov Catalog Part II(2000) page 144 listed 3 variety #19-21 .I have in my collection #19 and #21.Number 20 (Letter "k" attached to"7") is missing .
  9. Coin is scarce about 10-15 years ago different variety can be find every 3-6 month for sale and not possible to find in choice condition .Rarenum
  10. one-kunaI hope you know the difference . You can enjoy view images from the book for free (less expensive) Rarenum
  11. I win lots 485-1916 1/2 k ,514 -1892L 50 pennia ,553-Landry sale... will add images later
  12. I see 5 kopeck.Coin is very nice.
  13. Nice coin,I should start again collect roubles of 18th century
  14. Buying single items or collection. * Russian copper coins: 1)18th century in VF condition or highest grade 2)19th century in EF condition or highest grade *Russian silver coins: 18th century minor coins (denomination from altyn up to polupoltinnik) *Rare Russian coins buying in any grades *Specialize Russian Numismatic Literature *Specialize Russian Auction catalogs *Collectors archive, letters ,notes or documents related to Russian numismatic. Please send offer by personal message Thank you Rarenum
  15. Auction start tomorrow October 14 at 9:30 am .Should be interesting prices ...
  16. Hi Alex, I agree coin just rare (mix edge).Last time I see finest 1796 R3 coin at Aalborg auction. Something about details of the coin looks different to me, edge is okey. Would be great see coin in the hands. Rarenum
  17. I believed not , I should find in RNS article or just images several years ago about .
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