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  1. Possible 19th century strike for copper, poltina was in my collection for several and I sold small collection of rare novodels include poltina and ruble since my collection wasn't improved for years.I believed one original silver is in Russian museum . I remember 2nd ruble described as original sold in Prokop collection,it was discussion later about about identification of authenticity.I didn't review coin personally and the images from catalog was very poor quality. David
  2. Hello Swedishcopper, Later Published Brekke and Bekken Supplement and put all information in one book By Tom W. Bakken Book Description: "The listing of a 2 kopek struck over a Swedish 1 ore piece in Brekke is an error.It have been a 1 kopek as mention by the Grand Duke in his corpus" and deleting listed Brekke #93, page 92 published in error Kopecks of 1757,1758,1759 struck on Swedish 1 ore in following reference numbers Brekke #73a,82a,83a Rarenum
  3. Hueyitlatoani, Coin is not authentic ,I have see a lot similar back in 1980' Rarenum
  4. Ebay listing is not authentic Reference catalogue listed 1706 Chervonets in gold Listed as original struck in gold by Diakov#218 (R5), GM 24.9 (Unique),Giel(Ext.Rare),Petrov-500 rubles.Bikin8(Unique) Struck in silver by the same dies Diakov#219(R5),Bitkin 9(Unique) I have doubt if both coins struck in 1706 ,possible both coins struck by mint later as novodel in Gold and Silver. Can't confirm until I see struck in gold ,possible coin located somewhere in Russian museum. Rarenum
  5. I agree with IgorS,can add only your silver coin was used in the 18th-19th century on the territory of Ukraine and known as Dukach (pendant). Rarenum
  6. Would be nice to add images of TM 5 Kopecks and specially Pattern struck at St.Peterburg mint
  7. Dear Andersson, It is not normal if coin not overstruck on yearly host coin .Please provide the images for 1736 Ruble. Thank you,Rarenum
  8. Easy to identify fake with an error in the text "ПЛЛТИНЫ" instead "ПЛАТИНЫ" and ... https://www.ebay.com/itm/COPPER-PATTERN-1842-IMPERIAL-RUSSIA-PLATINUM-3-ROUBLES-PROOF-PF-PR-RUSSIAN-/332428884335?
  9. Hi DAJ, Coin is listed in Krause catalogs KM 166.1,the images black and withe was provided by Krause publication. Regards,Rarenum
  10. IgorS, My opinion coins with missing last digital is Novodels. Rarenum
  11. Looks funny text in the catalogue "However, we encourage bidders to carefully examine every coin as the cataloger cannot guarantee the future performance of U.S. or foreign certification service companies." and in Russian text mention NGC "Тем не менее, мы рекомендуем участникам торгов внимательно изучить каждую монету, так как аукционер-каталогизатор не может гарантировать, что его экспертное мнение всегда совпадает с экспертным мнением NGC и других независимых грейдинговых кампаний." Looks like Markov works hard with the returns and advised everybody. If NGC , other U.S.service companies or foreign certification service stated "coin not authentic" ,than Markov not agree and do not accept any returns? Rarenum
  12. Very Interesting, nice coins in Ronald's collection. -Rarenum
  13. GXSERIES, Very nice,special rare find 1795 2 kopek struck over Moldavia & Wallachia and nice online organizing . Rarenum
  14. gxseries, Coin listed on eBay Ex. Clain-Stefanelli Collection and I see at the auction preview ,it is only one reason I didn't bid because the corrosion on 7 o'clock and it is normal for type because metal was used from melt cannon, I'm always looking for specimen... I love die varieties and errors , collect some type of 18th century by the dots and if in my opinion coin is very rare. I can buy double and triple if the price is right. m-dv is great online site ,should be careful because it is only for record price reference. About your coin just simple provide my opinion according on the images and my experience. Rarenum.
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