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  1. ya'll seem very informative, oughta be some good info in here
  2. its a very satisfying hobby, welcome to coinpeople
  3. freak


    thanx, and good luck at the show
  4. freak

    My new purchase of Modern Numis

    they are lovely
  5. freak

    baby George

    they were talking about some new coins being issued for the new heirs birth on the news the other day, any one know when they will be issued, and how to go about obtaining them?
  6. freak


    thanx Art, ain't real sure how they figure in my typeset, but I couldn't pass them up
  7. freak

    Odd penny

    I whole heartedly agree
  8. freak

    World transitional coinage

    well, "Shazam", very interesring, I didn't even know about the recut of the steps
  9. welcome to coinpeople, would love to see some of yours
  10. freak

    Odd looking dime

    errors are always a great find in my change
  11. freak

    Odd penny

    I have a few myself
  12. freak

    Straits Settlements New Additions

    I would hold onto it too
  13. freak

    1811 2 Kopecks SPB MK - overdate

    how do you identify verdgris.?
  14. freak

    Banknotes from Fiume 1921

    hello, welcome, very nice note
  15. freak

    Collecting Animals Banknotes

    I highly doubt anyone objecting to it
  16. freak

    More Unkown

    Cross your fingers and hope for fortune
  17. freak

    Wearing the Cinco Peso

    I have learned something interesting and new to me, thank you for sharing!!
  18. freak

    World transitional coinage

    me niether
  19. freak

    My Mail Pouch

    nice kangaroos. Congrats!!
  20. freak

    My new purchase of Modern Numis

    The one with the horse is lovely!!
  21. freak

    ikaros' goodies

    Thays the first "s" quarter that I have seen in that series, very nice
  22. freak

    Latest Circulation Find

    thats a great find, I myself look forward to the occaisional wheat cent, received a 1910 last saturday in change from a cup of coffee