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  1. its a very satisfying hobby, welcome to coinpeople
  2. thanx Art, ain't real sure how they figure in my typeset, but I couldn't pass them up
  3. well, "Shazam", very interesring, I didn't even know about the recut of the steps
  4. errors are always a great find in my change
  5. hello, welcome, very nice note
  6. I highly doubt anyone objecting to it
  7. Cross your fingers and hope for fortune
  8. I have learned something interesting and new to me, thank you for sharing!!
  9. Thays the first "s" quarter that I have seen in that series, very nice
  10. thats a great find, I myself look forward to the occaisional wheat cent, received a 1910 last saturday in change from a cup of coffee
  11. hmmmm, King Authur II would be intetesting
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