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  1. Very nice, indeed, five stars to a dealer, but where's the irritating point?
  2. Searching is very important part of collecting. Nothing beats the feeling when you finally find something that you've been searching for years.
  3. The information about different grading systems can be found in every Krause and Pick catalogue.
  4. Passing off on tourists? Really? Why? When? Back in 1965 or recently? How much the coin was worth back in 1965? Was it worth faking it then?
  5. :rofl: Yes, it's Stig and his evil brother...
  6. Really beautiful coins! :bthumbsup:
  7. I hope that all the scratches are on the plastic cases, not on the coins. Beautiful notes, by the way.
  8. That's one really smart move, getting the book before the coin. Good luck with collecting Almin
  9. Here's the lint to the translated document
  10. I'm not sure that I understand your question. I'll try to describe the political and monetary situation in that region. WW1 ended in December 1918, and one of results was the crash of the Austro-Hungarian empire and the creation of several new countries: Czech republic, Hungaria, Kingdom of Yugoslavia, (maybe, I'm not sure) Romania, Fiume (as a free city)... Austro-Hungarian money soon started to loose it's value, and those new countries decided to "mark" or "validate" A-U kroner found on their territories, to prevent circulation of fresh printed (and worthless) A-U kroner. You can try to put this document into Google translate (Croatian->English), the result is actually quite good (one thing: Rijeka means river, but I don't think that there's any river in the city of Rijeka ) best regards Almin
  11. Yes, that's right. And to prohibit the use of the same but not overstamped banknotes from other countries.
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