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  1. That would be a realy cool find no matter which note I found. I was thrilled last month to discover that I was just passed a * note for change
  2. Sounds like ccomplete economic failure
  3. I'm not a note collector at all, but there is some lovely notes posted here. How long have you been collecting them Rhino?
  4. I have several lovely wheats that I will enjoy posting as soon as I get photos. Is there a special location to post Indian Head cents?
  5. Sounds like my luck as of late, have returned 3 out of the last 10 kopecks I have bought for being fake. I gotta find a better source than ebay
  6. The counterstamps make it interesting, anyone ever decide what they are there for?
  7. The weight of heavy coins are always reassuring. I carry a1880 morgan in my pocket for good luck!
  8. they were talking about some new coins being issued for the new heirs birth on the news the other day, any one know when they will be issued, and how to go about obtaining them?
  9. sounds like something interesting anyway
  10. I'm trying for a British Empire set. One coin for each country, per decade
  11. need help identifying this, I don't have a clue as to what it is
  12. Seems to me that all forms of errors are highly sought after if priced resonably
  13. that would make sense with their availability
  14. freak

    Money as art

    interesting none the less. Very creative fella
  15. if I took up collecting fakes, it might lead to a bigger collection
  16. never seen them before, but I like them
  17. interesting, but I have no answer, hammered is not my expertise
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