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    yes it is, I tried it last night, made a beleiver out of me
  2. They are all nice, and seem to be challenging to research. But, that can be fun sometimes too.
  3. I beleive so, but his comb is upside down
  4. being that you are like myself and new to the forum, welcome, Also being new, you oughta respect the rules about selling and trading by not trying to, until you have enough posts, and days here I'm not trying to be rude, but please respect the rules to any forum you join.
  5. I had not stopped and considered it, but it would get the right groups attention
  6. freak


    thats another good point
  7. freak


    No problem, just watch out for the fakes. But also understans that there is some top quality authentic coins there too. Good luck budding
  8. LOL, if you find them for that price, I want one
  9. save the money for more coin? Only trust your own eyes? If your not qualidied to judge the coin yourself, leave it alone? Stick to what you know, or seek help from other cillectors?
  10. That would be a bummer, to buy a slabbed coin that was a fake, couldn't even check the edge
  11. looks like your doing well at it, may you have many more fun filled and entertaining years
  12. unless I am mistaken, they weighed a bag of coins at that time, meaning some heavy and some light
  13. freak


    make sure you have good enough pictures to determun if they are real, a lot of fakes are sold there. Also have an idea of what they sell for
  14. I gotta admit, I like the carriage design
  15. very interesting thoughts to explore
  16. even more going on, looks like a deffinent keeper
  17. I have never thought about coinstars for new additions to my collection, but after reading this I will start checking
  18. thank you for the prompt answer CCG, I will try to remember that. I had often wondered that
  19. I'm also new, but I think you have may more luck in ancient coins
  20. there is sure something going on there
  21. I am still working on my inventory for my typeset, will be posting it in the next couple of days
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