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  1. I love that groat!!!
  2. thats amazing, wish I could find something like that
  3. I dont have an answer, but welcome to coinpeople, someone will probably be around in a littla while to help you.
  4. the 10cedis where they are fishing is really nice too
  5. I love the hundred dollars
  6. Yes it is, or the early Straits Settlements
  7. this covers three decades of my typeset for India, 1891-1900, 1901-1910, and 1911-1920
  8. they are absolutely fantasstic, I have never seen those two. Thanx for sharing
  9. Have you given any thought to British Crowns? They are pretty commonly available, and have a large range of patterns, with commemoratives and different rulers, as well as different countries
  10. Thanx for the reply, even the reverse was so detailed, I really wanted to know. The medal is lovely, with terrific detail
  11. that was some great research MMMM
  12. I wish everybody used coins for business cards
  13. I love the cigar and defense ones. Truly great coins Art
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