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Elverno - cheap but fun!


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From yesterday's Anaheim show. There was a stunning silver medal but way out of my price range... :ninja:

1813 Presentation of Colours to the Royal Military College by Queen Charlotte.

Mudie XI

BHM - 769

Bramsen - 1246



1790 Netherlands Gelderland - Holland

2 Stuivers


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1800 1 Pfenning, Salzburg.


Not a great example but decent.




1805 Le Tombeau de Desaix, France.

Bramsen 426/427 (mule from two reverses)

d'Essling 1079



From the Long Beach show today.

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A $4 coin. Nothing special but I collect everything from 1789-1815 so I'm not really picky about condition if I don't own one yet...


1802 2 Skilling, Norway (as a Danish possession).


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As always, holding up the cheap coin collector's end here...


1814 1/24 Thaler, Hessen-Cassel



and another I collected a while back with extremely strong interior detail and almost smooth, yet porous rims.


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1 ½ Pfennig, Saxe - Weimar - Eisenach.




The first of this denomination and country I've collected. :ninja:

Well, I've got others from SWE but I meant the first 1 ½ pfennig from there...

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Thanks Art, I appreciate it. Of course the period I collect virtually everything in AU costs a small fortune. :ninja:


Another came in today as well:


1802 Comptoir commercial, France.

Bramsen 240

Julius 1121-1122

d'Essling 2060

Milan - 374




A jeton de presence for an organization in Paris. An X is roughly 1802-1803.

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