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Hi everybody -- this is a really nice forum that I just found out about! :cry:


The coins that I collect:



Morgan dollars, Indian Head cents, nice-looking SL and Barber dimes (like the one in my avatar :ninja: ) and the occasional classic commemorative 50c piece.



large 5 kopek coins of Catherine the Great, roubles from about 1830-1880, poltinas, roubles and gold issues of Nicholas II, and some modern 3 rouble commems (because they are so beautiful!) ;)



10 and 20 Franc gold coins (Vreneli and Helvetia issues)


Other than that, I do manage to pick up a few odds and ends if I think they are going cheaply. Also, I like to hang out on the rec.collecting.coins Usenet newsgroup, but I like the organization of this forum better as well as the ability to post images. :lol:

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*hides his stash of Russian coins*


Welcome! :ninja:


Sorry that I didn't notice this earlier on. :lol:

You didn't notice it because I didn't find the "Welcome" page until after I had already posted about ten messages! :cry:

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Hello BobH, Glad to have another Bob aboard

Hey Bobbycoin, that's a sweet website you have set up for your daughter! I didn't look at all the pics, but here's two that are simply precious:

Car Trip

... and ...


Hope the baby leaves you a little time to do some coin collecting!


(NO ... did you hear me? NOOOO ... You take that Morgan 1893-S out of your mouth RIGHT NOW ... :ninja: )

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