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1865 2 Cent/ Ray is the winner!


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1865 What a history packed year that was. Holly cow! There's so much history that this coin could have participated in that it's almost too much to consider.


Major battles in the Civil War

Confederacy surrenders and the war is over.

Abraham Lincoln is assassinated

Booth is killed

Assassination conspirators are hanged

Jefferson David is captured

Cornell University is created

The Sultana sinks in the Mississippi killing 1700.

Salvation Army founded

Alice in Wonderland is published



It's a big year. There are even more interesting happenings.

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I heard a rumor that this 2 cent piece was used by US Grant to buy a bottle of bourbon to share with Lee at Appomattox. Of course, I don't know this to be a fact and history being what it is, it could have been Lee that used it to buy a bottle for Grant. :ninja:



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1865? wasn't that the year they brought out the first Lexus? $11



I think you're right. But wasn't it the one with the little engine?




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