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  1. Just an FYI, and I know this has been brought up several times in the past, so forgive me, but... Great Britian has a penny. The United States and Canada have cents.
  2. So Matt, your response begs the question, are you selling the coin or the holder? You have been in business long enough, and are a sharp enough coin dealer that you don't need no stinking TPGC to confirm a grade, to help you make a sale. Do you? Honestly assess the coin, assign a grade to it, and keep the slab submission money in your pocket. I know, you are going to say you need it in a holder to sell to a certain cliental, to which I might reply something about organic fertilizer or such. Everything I read about these TPG's is that no matter what holder you have it in, that is the wrong one
  3. Point 1)- The US Mint started processing my subscription order on December 27, 2007 for the 2008 Proof Silver Eagle. They shipped today. No need to wait a few months, they are available now. Point 2)- Gold continues to rise, and as it does, it brings silver along as well. Dealers sell based on Gray Sheet prices, regardless of what they bought it for. If silver rises $5, the cost of the coin in the case just went up $5 as well. If gold drags it up $15 an ounce, the coin in the case went up as well. You see the trend here. Point 3- See point 2.
  4. February 14, 2008 James Monroe released. May 15, 2008 John Quincy Adams released. Augutst 14, 2008 Andrew Jackson released. November 13, 2008 Martin Van Buren released. Pays to read numismatic publications.
  5. Stunning! Absolutely beautiful. The spreadsheet I currently use started out as a clone to a much earlier version of yours. You have taken the art of Excel to another plane. Oh, the coins are nice too!
  6. Rabone

    New Coin World

    I will admit that I am a bit behind in my reading, so if any pre-publication announcement about the format change was made, I missed it. I just about threw it in the trash thinking it was a holiday sale flyer! That would have burned my butt when I found out I tossed an issue. Looks and feels really different. Will be hard to get used to not having the newspaper type format.
  7. Rabone

    CSNS Recap

    I don't know, I was there on Wednesday for PNG day, Thursday before the bourse opened up and stayed till about 4pm that day, Friday I was there at 10am with the bourse opening till way after lunch, and I had a hard time getting to some of the dealers I wanted to see. Now I was not there on Saturday, so I have no idea about its attendance, but the two public days I was there it was good, or so seemed to me. I talked with a couple of script dealers, and they were telling me that the script auction started at 6pm and was going to 11pm. And prices were higher than expected for some of the issues.
  8. Ah Art, the CSNS in Saint Louis. Well, it was great. Now you have to temper that with the fact that I have only been to the local Springfield coin show in the past, so this was my first experience at any kind of a regional show. But it was for me, a success. I was able to meet several WINS members there: Joe Garbarini, of Maryland Heights, Missouri, WINS #9, David Noble, of Saint Louis, Missouri, WINS #204, Ray Larson, of Nevada, Iowa, WINS #20, John Mundwiller, of South Saint Louis, WINS #525, Meir Sapir, of Tel Aviv, Israel, WINS #588, John Baumgart, of Chicago, Illinois, WINS #???,
  9. Ah yes... I do see after some quick google research that my math was in error, and Dockwalliper is correct. It is two pres coins, one sackie to be minted out. My fuzzy brain had it that I read in Coin World it was a three pres to one Sac ratio. Who knows, maybe at one time it was going to be, because I just read an early interview with the key sponsor of the bill, Rep. Michael Castle, R-Del. where it said the Sac would be discontinued. Reference Story So yes, based on the initial mintage reports on just the Washington coin, there are going to be a glut of Sacagawea's in the vaults.
  10. I see that this thread has been rekicked alive. I think that it is a ratio of 3:1, so for every three Pres dollars One Sac will be minted. At least that is how I have interpreted the articles I have read.
  11. I purchased three rolls the first Saturday they were available. I put on in my pocket and decided that it was going to be a permanent pocket piece for me. At least one of these coins will eventually look like they circulated. The first week the shinny gold color was knocked off it. By now the coin is starting to take on a more "mature" look, the reverse is looking better as the areas between the relief is darkening down and the token or Chuck 'E Cheese look is leaving. It will be interesting to see what this coin looks like after a year traveling in my pocket.
  12. I am on my second roll that I have been using for tips. So far everyone that has gotten them has been receptive to them, and without exception said to the effect "I did not know that they were coming out with these!" My bank and credit union have said that they are going to stock them, so I will continue to pick them up to use as tips and car wash coins.
  13. One thousand dollars ($1,000.00) in Kennedy halves, rolled and in two vault boxes to a teller at the bank. She had no idea what to do with them and called the head teller over. When they determined that my account had more than that in it at the time, they froze that much till it was counted and confirmed that was the amount of the deposit. That was the last time I bought boxes of halves for searching. Now I just go and ask for loose rolls.
  14. Looks like you gave away your youthful status and a lack of good history class curriculum with this one. But that is okay, this is how we learn. That is a famous photograph of when east was joined with west. See Conder101 post.
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