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Tip: Squish those staples

Guest Stujoe

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Guest Stujoe

If you use staple type holders for your coins (typically the cardboard and mylar type holders), you should always flatten your staples. If you do not, there is a good likelihood that that staple will end up scratching another coin.


I used to use a pair of needle nose pliers to accomplish the squishing of the staples but that can be dangerous too. One slip and you can gouge the coin.


Now, I use a Flat Clinch Stapler




It flattens the staples as you staple. Neat little item that has probably saved me from carpal tunnel syndrome as well as from scratched coins.


Also remember to not staple the holder too close to the coin. That is another thing that can lead to a damaged coin if you happen to slip...and if it is a coin you like, the odds of slipping are much higher. :ninja:





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I have been mashing them since I was a kid, I started carefully using pliers to do the job. I noticed a long time ago that the staples basically shreaded the coin pages you put them in and could even damage other coins.


I think this was something a lot of us did independently and didn't really talk about.

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Actually most dealers at coin shows I go to also flatten the staples. I never thought of the possible scratch on another coin though. I do it for the reason they won't get hung up on each other in those big red cardboard boxes. However, there are pliers on the market that have a large flat end and are great for just that reason. The ones I use are hindged so they go straight up and down, not on an agngle like most pliers.

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or you could use staple-free holders and avoid the problem entirely ...


Good point!!! I'll try some.


I learned the hard way to flatten the staples. And Stu is right: It was a coin I really really liked :ninja:

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I use a pair of needle nose pliers to squish my staples. Always have.


That's what I did until my parents bought me a flat clinch stapler.


They really aren't that expensive and if you do a lot of 2x2's, your hands will thank you. Staples can be purchased at any coin shop really. A box of 5000 costs like $5. It's a really good investment especially for me as every coin I have (except stuff like copper/nickel pulled from circulation) are in 2x2's.


Edit: The stapler I use is the one on the left side in the link Stujoe posted. Really nice item. Done over 1,000 2x2's and still clicking away. :ninja:

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