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Examples of the Best Looking Eagles on Russian Imperial Coins from Your Collection


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Please share your examples of the best looking eagles from your coin collection.

The most beautiful ones, or some funny or unusual defects, etc. with your little comment.

Here are my examples in silver:



I personally think this is one of the best looking eagles in silver roubles.



Another silver eagles on a small coin I just love.



One of a kind, "masonic" type of an eagle. Not a bad example for 20 kop.



What an unfortunate defect! The poor left head looks like a jester now ... ;)

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Here are some examples in copper:


Look at this brutal lizard looking eagle, don't you just love it? Double-headed Godzila!



This eagle has a BIG heart and wings for a big hug... It's a protector.



I my opinion this is the best looking in beauty and grandeur eagle on 5 kopeks.



And here we are just out of the water and ready for a fight!


Coins are meant to be shared with others. Please share eagles from your collection here...

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I agree about 5 k KM eagle. The one in my example is from 1795 KM and the eagle looks most natural on it... Do you have anything to share? Please do if you'll have some time... Nice red Denga, you can see the lines from the box too! ;) This is a nice example of baroque 5 k eagle, very clear! I like that one! And the one on "Слава Империи" is amazing :mf_lust: , shame they didn't put them on coin (a part from baroque, I guess)... The drunken eagle looks very happy, must have had a good night out! The armavir 3 roubles' one looks a bit sad... :mf_napoleon:

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ScottO, nice eagle on 2 kopeks ;) I really like that type!


Steve, thank you for sharing, nice double strike!

Nice, but how is it an Imperial Russian coin?

It's an illegal migrant, but a nice one, let it stay... ;)

Extant.. could we see the other side of your very nice 1721 ruble?

Sure, it is a recent acquisition too, I love it: http://omnicoin.com/coins/1014223.jpg

I am after a very unusual eagle, will show if I hunt it down.


Please share with us once you get it. Wish you well in your hunt! ;)


And here is one of my very well aged eagles, even in this condition it looks pretty cool, a bit like a legendary old-timer on a hunt again:



there is something mysterious about it...

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Here's another candidate - featuring an amazing die clash and 2 different wings.

The left wing design has never been seen before on a 1777 :confus: . It appeared only in 1778 and 1779.

Enjoy, Sigi

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