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Your Top3 and your Dreamed 3


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i dont know if you have opened some similar thread in the past, however i'd like to open it now where we can post


our own top 3 notes (the ones that you have and love-like the most) considering many factors like value, design, history, personal reasons etc


and 1 to 3 notes that you would really like to have (that you may have somedays or that you may never have) but this better not be for the value :D



TOP 3 that i own :












as for the 3 ones of my dreams i have to investigate and will post later in this thread


:) now if you want show us your beauties





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I can easily get the top three I currently own.


1. The note that got me started was this France 50 Francs note my dad gave me from his travels in the military.






2. The note I've paid the most for (so far?)a US 1928 Legal Tender note.






3. The note I had to hunt the longest for (again - so far) a French West Africa 100 Francs note (they're all over, but not in Uncirculated condition)







Now as for the top three dream notes:


1. Wanted this for years - Greenlad 5 Kronor





2. Great French West African 500 Franc Note




3. 1924 Mongolia 5 - actually any of the 1924 mMongolia notes would do.



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Great thread! Here are my choices, all very tough pics. First my favorites:


1. The French Flameng note designed by the famous war artist, and released just after WWI. This is one of the most spectacular (if I may say so) notes ever printed, for any country. Of couse, see my "want list" below...






2. This note from Reunion, of Victor Schoelcher, is on the list simply because of the amazing artwork by Robert Poughéon. I've subsequently been looking specifically for his artwork.






3. This note from Yugoslavia has particular memories for me. It isn't the most splashy note, but represents the point in time where I suddenly realized I should extend my collecting interests beyond just France, to include all "French" notes printed by Banque de France. I happened to run into this one first as I was doing some research on one of my favorite artists, Clement Serveau, who (as I found out) did the art for many notes, french and otherwise.







To be continued...

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Now my wish list. If anyone feels like sending me these notes for Christmas, I will be indebted to you. To me, they represent the best the Banque de France has done, on three continents.


1. From Madagascar, this note designed by Clement Serveau is a typical French theme used, but one of the best designs:






2. From South Vietnam, this unissued note is a "tour de force"






3. And lastly, from Lebanon, this note is extremely rare, and quite often gets top billing as one of the most amazing banknote designs ever. It was designed by William Fel.



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beautiful samples Dave and DaveM ! :shock::clapping:



how much would the Greenland note cost ??



THat greenland note would set me back about 650-700 in AU condition. I could get them in VF/XF no problem for about 400 but I like to try and get them in better conditions if I can. There is another one with a whale that is spouting water that's cool too.


My problem is that I keep myself on a strict budget (or I'd be in real trouble - I like Ramen noodles, but not THAT much)and when I get the money saved aside for one, they're harder to find and then I see a good deal on something else and go for it. And then the price keeps on rising.


Those Mongolian ones, though.... I emailed a collector in Mongolia a few years back - baout 5 years ago I think - and he offered me the set of three for 400 each.... shoulda' got them then, but I hadn't paid that much ever for a note then, and I passed on them. Oh, well, you can't have them all,and there has to be a story of the ones that got away. Plus, the thrill of the chase is still on!

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I had to think about this. There are so many I would like.


Seychelles 10 Rupees, 1968, P-15a (From Ron Wise's site)




South Vietnam 5,000 Dong, 1975, P-35 (From Ron Wise's site)




And even though there are not any animals on it, just because of the colours: French Indochina, 100 Piastres, 1954, P-103. (From Ron Wise's site)



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WOW! These are all beautiful notes. Serious note collecting is very much like collecting miniature pieces of great art. I've really enjoyed the images. Continue to enjoy this wonderful hobby and thanks for taking the time and effort to share it with others.

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here , there are three of my top banknotes


one : 100 francs with autograph of le president and the directeur general, robert Julienne and Tezenas Montcel



two. rare proof of west african states ( mali)




three this specimen





and four, five six..... I can´t post all of my favourite banknotes!!!



My dreams:


some like this:






I have got this rare proof ( also one love of my own collection) http://africaoccidentalfrancesa.blogspot.com/2011/02/prueba-de-artista-de-reverso.html


two( in UNC )






three in UNC



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That first signed proof is just fantastic, Santiago. I can't see enough of it :)


Interesting that three of us have the 500F West Africa flag note on our wish list. I hate to imagine what will happen when one comes up for auction... ;)



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