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  1. rare year 1964 Ivory coast 100 francs. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. Hola de nuevo. Conozco el sitio de Dave. Es muy bueno. Los billetes de Afr occ me interesan y de hecho tengo bastantes pero como es imposible coleccionar todos, de momento me he especializado en billetes de Afr Occidental. De momento voy a ser lo mas exahustivo posible con los billetes de las colonias occidentales. Si te interesan billetes de dictadores hay unos muy bonitos de BokassaSaludos!¿ que te ha parecido el tema de Monique Cras?. Pronto escribiré datos de esta pintora
  3. You knew that the model of this banknote was in the beginning to the value of 5000 francs? You knew why this banknote is so different from the other AOF? you knew who was Monique cras? Important facts of this banknote http://africaocciden...0MONIQUE%20CRAS
  4. Muchas gracias Jazinta. Yo suelo leer mucho tus mensajes en los temas de , mi último billete y billetes de impresión francesa. El próximo tema del blog de africaoccidental francesa será un poco diferente. No tratará sobre identificación de personas. Creo que será muy interesante. Espero pronto tener el tema listo .Muchas gracias a todos! Thank you very much Jazinta. I usually read a lot your posts on the topics " of my last banknote and French print Banknotes). The next topic of French africaoccidental blog will be a little different. There will not be about identifying people. I think it will be very interesting. I hope soon to have the item ready. Thank you all!
  5. Pourougne is a Wolof language word designating the ethnicity Haratin who lived in Oasis of Mauritania, Morocco and the Western Sahara. A truly beautiful new blog post where you can learn many things through a banknote http://africaocciden...lleza%20humana.
  6. Hello again.How are you all? I've posted a new entry. You remember from my blog? this post is similar to the above on the ethnic Malinke femme. In this case it is about 25 banknote 1946 francs and its model type anonymously Soussou ethnic woman hope you like http://africaocciden...Femme%20Soussou You can traslate to english at right of Blog Best Regards!
  7. Hello! I have received this banknote SPECIMEN SENEGAL Specimen 500 Francs type 1961 : Senegal ( K) signature 6 with engraving or intaglio 226s KOLSKY
  8. very beautiful note! congratulations
  9. Hello I am Santiago and I buy banknotes of AOF or west african states, I prefer 1940- 1970 dates. but I can buy others I look for very goods banknotes (UNC) or rare banknotes and specimens I want to have a good collection of french west africa and west africa banknotes of trhee periods: 1940 1955 finally of AOF emmissions ( emissions o private bank BAO) 1955- 1959 institut d. emmission of afrique occidentale and togo ( the first emissions of public bank) 1960 1989 the first transformations of bank to BCEAO Ifyou can help me , please DO IT :-) If you see a good banknote in a bid , please advise me , or if you have got any banknote but you no collector of this banknotes please offer me this banknote Thank you :-)
  10. Hello Now I am french west and west african banknote collector in UNC if is posible, and I am selling my surplus banknotes on ebay. European banknotes, African banknotes no AOF or AOF with any problem ( fold) for example. I am a serious and I offer only goods descriptions or banknotes PMG here there is my e bay sales , Thanks! every day I will put one or two items until the end with all http://www.ebay.es/sch/castillosin/m.html?item=251075327471&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p4340.l2562
  11. A question. As I spend only banknotes AOF, I am selling my other bank notes on ebay. Is it legal in this forum, coin people, I put a thread with a link to my ebay sales? Is it forbidden? ¿I can do? sorry, i do not want to make a mistake thanks! OK I can see thera are a topics for ebay seller and I Have 38 post Thanks you :-)
  12. Madagascar: is the firt time I see this banknote..... Beautiful!!!!! congratulations!
  13. hello. I put here some pictures of a banknote. Is a test specimen of state for presentation. The banknote is printed on blue paper framed in a double cardboard, to be displayed on both sides. the banknote has not watermark. In kolsky book, there are references to several test banknotes of other values without watermark this banknote is 10000 francs west africa, senegal K, signature 18 , Abduuyale Fadiga and Buokary Adji well, here I leave six photos: front: back Detail: NO WATERMARK: total view front: total view back:
  14. hello! today I have received this rare specimen of Burkina faso signature 5. This banknote is rare with this signature
  15. Hello. Today I have received these banknotes: 10 francs type 1946 AOF I have got six banknotes like this type in UNC ( diferent dates and specimen) if you want see it are here: http://frenchwestafrica.blogspot.com.es/search/label/ka%29%20%20%2010%20FRANCS%20TYPE%201946
  16. Very nice and very interesting back of note I like very much french african banknotes:-)
  17. Thank you very much. I have edited now with a new picture where one discovers the copy of the left arm with the bracelet of beads. Also the copy of the Basket. here is a picture of a woman soussou please, if you want to see him re-enter. Towards the end you will see the comparison. http://africaoccidentalfrancesa.blogspot.com.es/search/label/ak%29%20Femme%20Malink%C3%A9 Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  18. Hello :-) Today I add a very interesting analysis of back of banknote 100 francs Afrique occidentale francaise type 1936. I have been able to identify the real woman of Back of this banknote. The woman was a Malinké or Mandinga and was photographed by Edmon Fortier STORY HERE: http://africaoccidentalfrancesa.blogspot.com.es/search/label/ak%29%20Femme%20Malink%C3%A9 I hope you seem interesting Santiago
  19. ¿How Can I help he? I Post in anversoyreverso this information http://anversoyreverso.com/index.php?showtopic=33085 Anversoyreverso is the most important site of numismatic themes in Spain RON!! I want help you!!
  20. Hello. Today I post a new interesant item in my Blog. In this new post I explain that mean the serial numbers of banknotes in french west africa and mathematical calculations to obtain them. All this with a case study. The French government, throughout history use different methods to obtain the serial numbers. this method is the banque de france numbering system This method is for the bank notes of french west africa. after 1940, preogressively, the note number was increased to 100.000 notes instead of 1000 click ( at right of blog you can change to English, German.....) http://africaocciden...tes-french.html
  21. Excelent Banknote. I know where you can buy the especimen of this banknote. I will send you a private message :-)
  22. Hello. I have got the book les billets africains de la zone franc of Kolski The page that you need is this:
  23. here , there are three of my top banknotes one : 100 francs with autograph of le president and the directeur general, robert Julienne and Tezenas Montcel two. rare proof of west african states ( mali) three this specimen and four, five six..... I can´t post all of my favourite banknotes!!! My dreams: some like this: I have got this rare proof ( also one love of my own collection) http://africaoccidentalfrancesa.blogspot.com/2011/02/prueba-de-artista-de-reverso.html two( in UNC ) three in UNC
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