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What are some of the goodies that you caught this year?


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Just posting some coins that I have won this year that are considerably tougher and worthwhile mentioning. Nice to sum up the hauls that I caught this year as Russian coin prices are still quite high. :) Of course, some may think these are low grade and not worthy in their collection.


Spitzbergen 1946 50 kopek



1799 10 kopek



This made me finish my silver collection of Paul I.


1741 denga



1827 10 kopek



I don't have photos for the rest of them or I need to take better photos soon:

1771 Sadagura pattern coin

1795 MM 2k over 1773 2para - 3 dengi

1999 MMD 2 ruble

1762 ruble (Peter III)

1762 10 kopek

1762 2 kopek (Peter III)



I think that should be it for now?

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I have already shown many of my "catches" from this year in the previous posts. And they are on Omnicoin. I will show a coin that surprised me. It is a scarce coin, and the condition is not bad for this type, I will not say that this is my catch of the year though.


What surprised me is that for some strange reason it has become the most popular coin of my collection on Omnicoin :confus:



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The first part of the catch of the year just came into my hands after a very long wait:




I can confirm that it was a long and dramatic wait - but it is beatiful, next one is mine :)

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No question in my mind that these are my favorites for the year:


50 kopecks, 1909

(ex Gorny & Mosch, lot 3335 of auction 182-188 in March, 2010):




5 Roubles, 1909

(ex Hess-Divo auction from last October):



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Nothing rare or exceptional, but I did manage a few additions. It's hard to add to your collection when most of the year is spent unemployed!


Anyway, I don't collect pre-Revolution. I do collect coins with phsyicists, astronomers, and related themes, though, and this ruble of 1987 scratched both itches:




Makes me happy. :D

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No one understands or cares about this "silly" kopeck here...

Don't be so certain. :grin: The coin was considered rare in the Grand Duke's day and I doubt it has become more common with the passage of time.


Congratulations on your acquisition. Was it a private sale or an auction coin?

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