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  1. They do lok odd, but it appears as if they are trying to pass these for an R4 coin. No serious collector would fall for it, but some amatures may.
  2. Just came across this add for 1917 1 Kopek from Ukraine and 7 available. Obviously either a fake or a hoax.Should be removed. Ebay ID 300532541831 very well made if a fake.
  3. I like trays for better coins. But the glue in the wooden cabinets can react with the patina too. Sometimes the patina is good though to cover imperfections.
  4. Mo problem, I COULD HAVE scanned a page for you and send it if you need, but i REACHED MY POSTING OF PICTURES LIMIT.
  5. It is listed in Brekke Supplement 1997 as # 12 on page 89 and indicated several die varieties exist. The rarity is "Scarce" the price is contingent upon ones desire to own it.
  6. Nothing unusual, the 1762 undercoin is not an uncommon occurence. I have a few in my collection.
  7. In this condition it hardly makes any difference whether it is MW or not.
  8. Nothing in life is cheap. Under the best circumstances, it's only money under the worse - its one's soul
  9. Nice one, always wanted one even in this condition would make me happy. Especially since the picture does not appear to look like ass cheeks
  10. Does not appear to be original, this is why we were making fun of the way it was copied.
  11. Back in the day, there was hair in more places than one!
  12. There is technology available which can determine the exact composition of then coin. However, if the counterfiters use an original host coin to overstrike with false dies, the technology is dead in the water.
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