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Mystery Medal

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I spotted 2 items in a dealers case at a coin show this past weekend, asked to see them both, he said you have picked the 2 items in the case that I know nothing about. I replied that they are the sort of mystery items I like, this is one of those items.


No date, no inscription, no signature.... unifaced WM. 32mm X 5mm thick (nice planchet). I thought straight away that I knew who it was (and I was right), rather than posting who it is, I offer it up for your entertainment, good luck :ninja:

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In 1850 L. C. Wyon engraved a set of 7 medals of the Royal Children BHM#'s 2384 to 2390, in silver very rare, in bronze rare.


This is a trial strike in WM. of the obverse of THE PRINCE OF WALES (ALBERT EDWARD) BHM# 2384 before 1850 was added below the bust.


BHM states that "Unifaced trial strikings of the obverses of these pieces exist in white metal"


They make no reference as to rarity of these trial strikes but I suspect they must be extremely rare.


It is conceivable that Queen Victoria herself was shown these trial strikes for her approval before the medals were struck. If so, she might have even held this actual trial strike in her own hands (gloved or not).

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Wouldn't say no to a quality cigar... :ninja:


It really is a superb piece and with such history too! Many thanks for sharing and for the opportunity for us to guess who it depicts.

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I guess I was very lucky it was the one of the seven medals that showed the P.O.W. if it had been one of the others...... at least the planchet is very distinctive and now I have seen one I feel I could spot another one from the series.


Albert Edward Prince of Wales 1860 Æ 48 mm by J. S. WYON SC. & M.D.WYATT DES. Bust left VISITED CANADA AND INAUGURATED THE VICTORIA BRIDGE 1860 Reverse: around arms, WELCOME on banners 3 times BHM-2669. Aged 19.


Issued for the visit of Albert Edward Prince of Wales to America, Oct. 1860, by Merriam of Boston. WM 30mm.


So 1 trial strike down, 6 more to find to complete the set.

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I especially like the reverse on this one. Very ornate indeed.



So 1 trial strike down, 6 more to find to complete the set.


I honestly wish you the best of luck! :ninja:

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My smallest one is an Albert Edward medal:




Brass Medal (8 mm / 0,36 g),

Obv.: PRINCE OF - WALES , youthful head of Albert Edward right.

Rev.: ALBERT / PRINCE / OF WALES / BORN / NOV: 9. 1841 , in five lines.


What was the use of these tiny pieces. Children´s games?

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Details for your medal: BHM# 1998 C. Common. This is 1 of a set of 8 medallets, circa 1849 to commemorate the Royal Family they were was issued in a brass box with a view of Windsor Castle on the lid & the royal coat of arms on the base. It was also issued in silvered brass.


Here is another of my P.O.W.'s



Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall. Born Nov. 9 1841. May He Be Great In The Sight of The Lord And Rule His People In Equity. WM. 48mm by J.Taylor. Birm. BHM#1994. RRR. Extremely Rare.

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Wow, looks like I'm in the wrong line of collecting! :ninja:


Yet some more lovely medals, thanks for sharing! I'd rather have some of those than some of my hammereds...

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Here is Albert Edward at the age of 31:




(24 mm / 4,00 g),

Obv.: ALBERT EDWARD PRINCE OF WALES / • BORN NOV. 9 1841 • , bare head of Albert Edward left.

Rev.: ST. PAULS - CATHEDRAL / LONDON / 1872 , St. Pauls Cathedral.

ref. :ninja:



( @ YeOldeCollector: European medals of the 18th-19th century combine Greek and Roman culture with modern technological possibilities.

A moneyer with a hammer, but without role models, fighting for survival in the middle ages, had no real chance to compete.)

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Colonial & Indian Exhibition London. 1886 by L.C.Wyon for Heaton, Ralph & Sons. Bronze 52mm.BHM3209



1873 Albert Edward Prince of Wales President. Rev: view of the Horticultural Society building's arcades, the Albert Hall and the Albert Memorial. London Annual International Exhibition of all Fine Arts Industries and Inventions. By G.T. Morgan after J. Gamble. Gilt-WM 70mm. BHM 2964 Awarded to Chas. L. Floris # 2508



Edward VII & Queen Alexandra Coronation Medal 9th Aug. 1902. Bronze 56mm by G.W. de Saulles.



Edward VII Imitation Gold Sovereign. 1902 13mm Brass by Lauer Rogers # 730. S


Looks like we have Bert pretty well covered between us. YeOldeCollector, glad you have enjoyed seeing them, I love your hammered too.

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From Wyon´s series mentioned above: one of his little sisters:




Bronze Medal (32 mm / 21,42 g), by L. C. Wyon, dated 1850,

Obv.: L. C. W. / AUG: 1850. , bust of the four years old princess Helena, right.

Rev.: HELENA / AUGUSTA / VICTORIA / BORN / MAY 25 1846 , in a wreath of branches and flowers.

BHM 2389 .





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