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  1. A cast "tourist fake" fantasy, using the magistrate Apollados issues name and griffin from Abdera in Thrace. regards
  2. The rose is the coat of arms of the Burgraves of Altenburg, The hand symbolizes the market jurisdiction, on the small shield is the black Meissen lion. regards
  3. A well distributed "tourist fake". Meanwhile i have two in my gallery. Search for " Syracuse, modern bronze Medal imitating Syracuse dekadrachms of 405–400 BC." on My gallery search.php
  4. Depends on the type and market. In general : common coins holed after minting are neglected by experienced collectors looking for good preservation. But a very rare and interesting one (eg. a coin showing a fine portrait of Julius Caesar) will easily find a buyer at a lower price level.
  5. Depends on the coin and issue. Some holes are intended, by the production process or just to save material. Some are applied after the usage to create a necklace, fix other items to a firm piece of metal or to devalue the coin. Sometimes it´s hard to imagine what kind of nonsense people can do with a tool. Regards
  6. Hello Matthew, i like your pics very much. (the coins are also great, of course ) Moneyer: Thurfearth from Norwich (the reverse picture is upside down) Rev. legend: + ÐV - REF: - ERÐ O - NOR Norwich, Thurfearth, Ref.: N. 781 ; S. 1157 May we get some details about your technique of making the pictures? (i assume indirect illumination, dark and distant background, ...?) regards
  7. For Germany: On coin shows you can count real collectors below the age of 50 with the fingers of one hand. It´s no hobby for young men (and women are even less interested in coins as you all know). Looks like very few young people are interested in collecting at all.
  8. Looks like a late Byzantine trachy, But there is too much hand and not enough coin visible. Try to get a picture by a cam with macro function.
  9. A nice coin - free it! Take an appropriate tool and take the flip off. Attractive coins in flips and other plastic coffins are like attractive women in winter clothes.
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