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So I took a trip to the darkside... and bought some thalers


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:ninja:;) ;) Looks like the winner of PCI 08 is already decided. ;)


Thanks for showing!

You're right Gx. The Rv of the Olomouc thaler is... I have no words!

And I bet that the price was significant under the price of a copper-plated zinc 1 cent PCGS super ultra deep cameo proof 99 in "only" 1000000 ex...

Welcome in our world Lost Dutchman... you will see how bright is the "darkside"!

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We need to get a thread going for best hair-dos on a coin. That 1705 up top might just take the cake!



I agree. "Unfortunate Facial Hair" could be yet another thread.




Those are great coins, LD. But what's this "If I did collect world..." dissembling? It's too late. :ninja:

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