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  1. Other than modern US coins pulled from circulation, my most complete set is the coins of Palestine from the British Mandate years (1927-46). I have 26 of the 59 holes in the Dansco album (though there are a few more that were never issued for circulation - which I don't, and probably never will have sadly). I'm almost ashamed to admit that so far the darn album cost more than any of the coins in it! I'm working on the stamps from the same period, so that's definitely slowing down my coin accumulation... Great topic by the way - it really brings out the sets people are proud of!
  2. http://www.metro.co.uk/weird/article.html?...mp;in_page_id=2 Forger too bad at forgery to be guilty of forgery An Argentine man who tried to use two counterfeit bills has been found innocent - because he was so bad at forgery. A federal court in Buenos Aires says the forged bills presented by Marcos Ribles were 'so clumsy and crude' that 'they could not be accepted by most people.' The court says the 65-year-old man tried to pass a false 100-peso note, nominally worth about £16, as well as a false U.S. $50 bill. Judges say the counterfeit bills had such shoddy printing and poor-qualit
  3. Hi Tareq, Welcome to the forum! I'm half Palestinian myself (my family is from Ramallah, but left in 1949). I would love to see some of your bank notes sometime! Be sure to let us know if you ever get them scanned. I've recently been working on a collection of Palestinian coins from the British Mandate years. I have almost all the one, two and five Mils so far. Again, welcome to the forum. Once you've been around long 30 days with 25 posts maybe we can swap some coins! Best, SBS
  4. I have a hard time with the large and small dates, but determining copper from zinc is easy. Just flip the coin (as in "heads I win, tails you lose"). If it makes a ringing sound it's copper. If it makes a dull thud it's zinc. Try it with an 81 and an 83 to get the sounds right.
  5. Slowly but surely I've got 48/192 so far.
  6. I haven't posted in WAAAAAAY too long (been a little busy, new job, new house, getting married... too much stuff to get in the way of my coinage!) but a type set thread will always draw me back in When I started collecting I started shooting for whole series' but I may not have the attention span needed for that sort of undertaking. I ended up with several partially completed sets. Sometimes I would get bored with a run, sometimes I'd just be frustrated when I got to some of the key dates that were out of my price range. But I've found type sets to really keep my attention and interes
  7. It's Me - I Won Thanks again Matt - I'll be running home from the office to check the mail every day now.
  8. $0.09 - in it to win it.
  9. I remembered this decision coming down from the district court, but I sort of assumed it would be overturned. Apparently I was wrong: Court Says Money Discriminates Against Blind http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/washington...amp;oref=slogin WASHINGTON (AP) -- The U.S. discriminates against blind people by printing paper money that makes it impossible for them to distinguish the bills' value, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday. The ruling upholds a decision by a lower court in 2006. It could force the Treasury Department to redesign its money. Suggested changes have ranged fr
  10. I can picture it now: "In God We Trust" "That B**** Set Me Up"
  11. Submitted By: Kathy C. Added: 04/22/2008 12:32 AM Avg. Rating: 4.7 Number of Votes: 26 Done! Good luck.
  12. I don't know if it's worth the trouble to you, but I'll take one of each (2 tokens total) if you feel like bothering. They are pretty neat looking.
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