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Week 3, Group 1: Ancient, Medieval (BC-1500)

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    • gpnyc - ENGLAND - Henry VI, First Reign (1422-1461), Groat (4P) (3.71g.; Annulet Issue, Calais Mint)
    • Scottishmoney - Syracuse 8 Litrai, reign of Agathokleos(317-289 BC)

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The lady in the first one is kind of hideous. She looks like a witch, but the detail put into the coin is remarkable. The second one is much simpler and not as scary. I'm still going to have to throw my vote for the first one, the detail is just to good to pass up.

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I just don't see what's so nice about that ancient. I've seen many more ancients that I like more than that. The hammered is too much to resist.


For me, when I consider the technology that was available some 2,400 years ago I cannot help but see incredible art and craftsmanship. What the picture cannot adequately portray is the depth of field achieved by the strike.


Now consider the `state of art' as far as numismatics is concerned some millenia and a bit later

as demonstrated by the Henry VI piece. I know it comes down to taste for each of us, but to me in comparison the Syracusan is `art' the Henry is `utility'. Both have their place, but for me the `art' wins hands down. :ninja:



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