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George and the Darkside Lots


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finally decided to start a subject on what can be found in lot buys. I got a kg of coins last week and I am still slowly going through it. Next week one more will arrive (from the guy mentioned here. ) which I will also go through rather slowly. I don't intend on posting just... valuable stuff. Just the coins I find pretty, the ones that manage to excite me etc.


I will also post eventual George V coin buys, even tho I have cut that down a bit this month.


So, for a start I'd like to show you the US coins found in 1 kg of a world coin lot. All of them Cents.




Also a coin from the Netherlands. It was a nice change to get a Wilhelmina 1 cent, after 15 or so Julianas.




That's it for now. :ninja:

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Over here I usually get British pennies and German Pfennig coins as fillers. None of those Lincolns are showing much wear at all, which is pretty good considering they came from a bulk lot. I'm looking forward to your report on your next bulk lot.

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Well the real fillers in this lot were the Juliana of Netherlands 1 cent coins.There must be about 25 of those and I think they are the commonest coins in it. That is why the Wilhelmina made me happy.


I also had this nice gentleman. I wonder if he can still be graded VF. Everything is crisp and readable. Only some wear marks here and there.




This is a french coin I really find interesting (all though common). Very industrious :ninja: :




The worst thing about this bulk, is the amount of corrosion damaged coins, whether bronze, zinc, iron or aluminium. Among them a very nice italian 5 centesimi coin from 1925. Sadly the entire reverse is ruined. I am sure this is inevitable in bulks, but it is still sad.

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this is a french coin I really find interesting (all though common). Very industrious


phh i had like 4 of these dated 1978 X( hated em cause all i found in junk bins an got from frnds where 1978 nothin else so kept 2 an gave away the others 2 my frnd for trade an stuff

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Still going through the lot. I think I will need more... erm... are they called 2x2s? Those things with the round see through bit! :ninja:;)


Today I found a nice Maltese coin. Nothing special worth wise, but I do like that little St. George in the middle of the cross.




And it was a nice change to find a German bronze 2 Pfennig piece... especially in that good condition. The only German coin as far as I can see.




And once more... if someone has a good idea, I'd love to know if the Juarez coin would qualify as VF. I am really bad at grading.


Till next coin. ;)

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i get alot of germans ;) usually just pass on em ...my frnds keep gettin me some ;) ....ohh btw i think i converted my best frnd yesterday ^_^ eheh lol first time i showed him my full collection xD lol an he really liked em ;) said he has a box at home (in which i chocked him told him grr an u only gave me 5 coins xD lol) an if he doesnt collect he will give em 2 me ;) he kept asking me how do i know which coins are fake when i go buy em told him ill go with u for a month or 2 then he will know :D eheh ohh yea converted some1 :ninja: lol but he was intrested in banknotes a bit more ...hmmmm maybe a banknote nut xD lol

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Graikos, Just to let you know, I'm not ignoring your request for a grade on that Mexican, I'm just not a very good grader at all, but it does still have a lot of detail on it. If I had to guess, I'd agree with you, but then again, maybe that's not a good thing! :ninja:

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eheh i dont use the new grading stuff i grade from poor till unc with no numbers :ninja: only 8 steps an out of 8 i give it a 6 ;) thats vf .....hmm might be a fine ...i don know ;) but from the pic it looks nice ;) an cant see alot of wear ....details all showen ...so vf ;)

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Well, my Bundesbank lot arrived today. I haven't had much time to go through it yet. The first coin I got out the Bundesbank bag when I opened it, was this Mexican coin. Need to look it up on Krause, but I thought I'll post it first.


Btw... this lot will be called BBLot from now on. Just so people can distinguish what is from where.



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You just happened to get the year with the lowest mintage! 6,560,000 with all the other years (1943-1955) ranging from 11,385,000 all the way up to 83,650,000.


VF $2.50

XF $4.50

UNC $25.00


Not bad for the first coin.

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Well, I got another handful of coins out of the bag and among 1 cents from the Netherlands, some Yugoslavian coins and the occasional 1 and 2 Drachma coins, were these two:


1 Reichspfennig 1940 (Mintmark J) made of Zinc:




2 Centimes 1876 from Belgium:



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Well, another two handfuls were removed. I got a lot of east european countries' coin and some nice indian republic aluminium coins. And one more US cent from 1988 ( if this continues, I should start a proper cent collection :ninja: )


I got this nice 5 Francs with an open nine. Depending on the grading this could be worth 3 (vf) to 6 (xf) $. No matter which is the case, this coin is beautiful and the biggest aluminium coin I have had in my hand.




Also within these handfuls a AUNC Indonesian 100 Rupiah. The condition is remarkable if you consider that these coins are banging against each other since 1978. ;)




And a probably only XF coin from Romania (as it has two little scratches on the reverse). This one is even older.




Finally a nice coin from Belgium. If this were an EF it would be worth 6 $ (No idea if it is EF, but I guess not). It is a 1967 25 Belgian Centimes with the Belgie legend and a medal alignment. Cute... The only thing that bothers me is the color. It looks kinda weird.




That was it for now.

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Oh indeed I am! :ninja: Unfortunately I can't pursue my George V collection at the moment, but I will be soon enough again. So, at least I got a large quantity of coins to play with till then. ;)


Weeell... Another handful:


2 Francs 1945 with a Mint mark. Krause gives this a value of 3.00 even with a F condition. Aluminium again.




A coin from Morocco I just found pretty. It's from 1952.




And another French coin from 1911. The condition is poor, but still a nice coin.



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Here I am again with another small handful of coins... My finds this time were:


A 1935 coin from Sweden:




A coin from 1941 Netherlands. I really like this coin, even tho the details are hard to read. I was wondering a lot about the Viking boat on a coin in the middle of the Nazi period. Speaks volumes about the ideology behind the design.




Una moneda de Cuba. This is my first and only Cuban coin... What an interesting design with the Roman numerals. The cpndition again is not that great.




finally a 1940 coin from Denmark.



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Here I am again with another little handful.


This one was a nice one. I fished 5 coins and 3 of them I will show you now. The other two were Indian aluminium coins. Of those there are so many in this lot that I already have more than half of the types of the 1, 2, 3 and 5 Paisa coins made by this metal.


Among them one made of Bronze for 1 Paisa




Also one coin from the German Empire.




And a com. coin from France. The lowest version.




Finally a DDR coin.




That is it for today. :ninja:

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