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  1. Thank you. Now, I got my memories in order again.
  2. Ah, yes. Thank you, scottishmoney. Wasn't it in the 1800s that they placed the Hanover shield on some of their coins as well?
  3. I was looking for this thread! Nice coins you've added there. That last one is amazing. Allow me a question tho. The four shields on the back are twice for England and Scotland combined, once for Ireland and then there is one shield that is french. Is it part of a claim to the French throne?
  4. And I thought I'll be having more time! HA! I hate work! Anyway... here I am again after a month long absence. And what can say "nice to see you again" better than the 1, 2 and 5 Afghani coins of Afghanistan from 2004. I am really happy to have those as these will always be connected to history taking place in our lifetime (whether good or bad, that is a matter of opinion). Here we go: Hello to you all! Demetrios
  5. As your inbox will have told you by now... yes, I did. Thank you, Clive. Good to be back. @Orc Sadly, those two coins were included in the lot only once. If I run into one of them again, I'll let you know.
  6. Thank you, Christian and De Orc. Which coins are you missing, De Orc? Some of the ones I've posted were double or triple in that lot.
  7. I am back! And so glad this is the case. Two days ago I gave my dissertation to my professor and besides some schmall changes... my work is done! So... to "celebrate" I wanted to show some coins I got months ago, but no time to scan them or take a photo of. Again nothing special, but in a nice condition. I am glad to "see" you all... and to finally be able to buy some coins again!
  8. Are you trying to proselytize me, oh source of the hammered ones?
  9. Nice additions there, Clive! I can see why you like hammered ones.
  10. At the moment? To finish my dissertation, so I can start collecting properly again! *yawn* This forum makes me so happy, cause it helps me with my obsession. I get to see coins. Sadly not mine, but what the hey! A good day to all.
  11. By now we know that Mr. YeOldeCollector is a hammered coin addict. Yet he still has some nice coins from more modern times. I got one of those off him (for a reasonable price) that I now am very proud to call my own; a Ceylon 10 cent piece from 1913. And then... without me expecting it... he send me a aUNC or UNC penny from 1961 as a bonus! Many many thanks, YeOldeCollector! Hopefully we can repeat this at some point. Demetrios PS: You can see these two coins in my purchase thread.
  12. Yesterday I got these two coins from YeOldeCollector. We had agreed for one, the penny was a bonus! Yay!
  13. Nice ones! I like the 3 cent piece for its roman numerals. Cuban and Portuguese coins have this feature as well. Maybe that could be a nice theme for a collection; Modern coins with roman numerals for their denomination. But I am going off topic. The seated liberty is quite an awkward engraving isn't it? The face looks really alien.
  14. Oh, where these the ones from the silver Czechoslovakian coin contest? Niiice. I can't believe you forgot about the terror of that contest, dustin! Only kidding, gxseries!
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