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TreasureGirl's New Preciouses


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Got a 1941 Mercury, around Fine and an AG (if that) Standing Liberty whose date is worn off, what grade does that make it? All my materials are back home -.-: It looks atrocious, pics to follow, but it was my first SLQ and the two together were $1.60 at the flea market.


P.S. The same guy was trying to pass a 1968 Roosie as silver... which is why I always double check.


P.P.S. Are 1957 quarters from Canada silver?

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Roosevelt dimes 1965 to date are made up of (.750 copper, .250 nickel) bonded to an inner core of pure copper. That means no silver unless it was a proof roosevelt.


There were no US proof coins in 1965 and when they started up the proofs again in 1968 they were Copper/nickel too.

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Thanks guys! I'm so excited about it!


I'm also tickled about these guys I got from Blackhawk:








My first "odd" denominations! Woohoo! I don't feel like such a bum anymore :ninja:

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