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Old Collector, new member

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Hello you guys. I started collecting with my father around 1958. It's been on and off, now it's on.


Coin collecting brings my father back to me. I can sense him looking over my shoulder. He never bought anything, he just went through his change. I think his best find was a '14D cent in not too good shape. He'd found every Lincoln Cent except the S-VDB. He loved Indians. (Not East Indians, Indian cents.)


And I love the look, too. Coins are beautiful to me.



Man, I have to tell you, before registering here I registered at another numismatic forum site, which shall go nameless. It had the usual general topics, Halves, Cents, etc., but when you went into a topic to read or post a thread it was all X-rated adult stuff not related to coins, at all. It scared the pants off me (well, not literally). I'm afraid now it has my e-mail. Has anyone else seen that forum and dealt with it?


Anyhow, it's good to be here.

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I don't know those forums but I can tell you, as someone who was apprehensive about joining a forum, you have come to a great place. Welcome!


This forum is filled with friendly and very knowledgeable collectors. If you stick around, you will see why so many people have so many posts - we love this place.


Welcome, once again!


- George

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It gives me great pleaser to welcome you to the Wonderful place here. it is a land like no other with free posting and a few silent partners we here would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and send you a big spazmatic Welcome.

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