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It's been a while

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With softball and building a poker table eating up all of my time, it's nice to be back into coins again!!


In my search of 18 rolls of wheats cents, I obviously found duplicates of certain date/mintmarks. The contest is to guess what date & mintmark I found the most of in these 18 rolls.


Guess the date & mintmark with a total of coins found to break any ties.

Guess the earliest date/mintmark found for a another side contest.


One guess per person,

Contest over Sunday April 8th 6PM EST,

Prize to be determined,

Good luck!!!

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OK, contest over. Surprised at the lack of entrants, thanks to all who did.


Jtryka wins the main contest with the correct guess of 1957-D. He guessed that I found 38, in fact I found 68 in those 18 rolls. The Mac also guessed 57-D, but did not include a tie breaking total found guess, so he was eliminated.


The oldest coin found was a 1909-P which Kat, Bobbycoin, & the newbie Clichy00 guessed correctly.


So Jtryka, Kat, Bobbycoin & Clichy00, PM your address so I can get you prizes.


Thanks for playing.


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