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Check your Minn. State quarters!


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Sheesh, not another one :ninja:

I can't believe the "stupid money" being paid for these insignificant die flaws.

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I can't really see anything in the pic. But I did jump in with both feet when I saw the Wisconsin extra leaf. Got 8 of the early for about 100 per. Have sold 4 of them, and made all my money back.... Still sitting on 1 high leaf and 3 low leafs, all in high MS. I see that thier availability on ebay has dropped significantly and the price for most is around 150 (au) to 200++ (ms) per. In short, I've doubled my money inside a year. Stupid?

Given the hugh collector base for these, and if this new one presents potential to become a psydo recognized variety,,,,, hummm........ stupid is as stupid does. Personnally, I enjoy occasionally making money on coins, lord knows I lose enough.

That said, I'm not biting on this new one until I see it. And will probably only jump it if:

1 - as stated, it presents signs of being accepted as a variety.

2 - there is an astetic flow between the error and design, as with the high and low leaf. For this one, this extra tree should actually look like a tree vs. a raised lump, etc.

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I found another image on eBay that shows a bit better.

This coin sold for $104




Theory is that the high spots on the hub for the tree to the left struck the slanted die blank a half second before it popped into place and the rest of the image was squeezed. So it has the shape of a tree.

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I'm not sure I buy that about the hubbing.   Wouldn't we see the effect in other areas of the design also,,, or has someone actually measured the design and found this lump on the tree to left to be the highest point in the reverse design.


From the NN article....


It must be understood that the face of the die blank is machined with a slightly conical configuration to aid in the flow of metal during hubbing. This would indicate that the initial kiss of a hub into a die blank would be restricted to this centralized area before continuing on to fill out the rest of the design. During this process, the tip of the die blank would be positioned slightly off location, away from the center of the hub into a differant area of the design than intended- and thus the misplaced area of doubling on the affected die.


Its important that the extra tree is directly in the center of the coin....the highest spot on the conical die blank.

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Could we start a family of threads in the Error and Variety Coin Forum dedicated to state quarters?


Then we could keep the Minnesota varieties and pics in their own thread and start a new one for Oregon and its pics. This would allow us to check out our quarters by state instead of searching through threads.


I apologize if this idea already exists. I'm sorta new here.

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