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  1. 1 - Ag and mining was probably a bad comparison.. As stated, there are tons of farmers markets, and just about any farmer in business anywhere (or commerical fisherman in that regard) would generally be happy as a clam to sell you thier goods at a major discount to market/retail price.. Motivated people who distain meats/eggs/milk/fish/etc. dripping with hormones/preservatives, gassed, or radiated have generated a healthy demand in this space. Big corporate farms generally do not play here... I guess if there were more small mines left in the country we'd realize a more direct model for aquisition of bullion.... 2 - Demand drying up will affect coin prices... I'm not sure I can say that I've seen that in any of my occasional bidding on the 'bay. Prices are still up there, although I cannot imagine they will continue to climb at thier past rate any longer,, or climb much at all in the current environment. 3 - Supply - my impression from the folks who play in this space in this chain is that demand is still there, but supply is down...? Economic depression would probably free up alot of bullion, and then prices would most likely drop? ... i think the derivative discussion offered by 28 was an excellent read !
  2. Good to see you still around 28. Q.- Can someone off the street buy precious metals directly from the folks digging it up.... could I call the mngr. of the S. African gold mining company and tell him I want to buy 50oz. at current spot, cut him a check or wire the money plus shipping ? If not,, who do these miner's sell to ? or do they simpley shut down operations when the spot price gets too low,,, or do they just stop selling and keep on digging ? Aren't these the folks that set the price anyway,,, they have it, so in order to get it, don't you have to pay thier price ?
  3. I've collected since i was a kid. Around 10 yrs ago i started out to complete a red set of lincoln cents (w.keys tpg'ed). When I got to the 1931s cent around 4 years ago, I looked at the prices (~$90-120),,, <no way>, i thought,,, i'll wait for the frenzy to slow down (coin prices had been soaring). Went on to the 55DD (~$800-1000),,, nah,, I'll wait. 09s-vdb, purchased for the insain sum of $1,200 in pgcs MS65.... had to have it and had a bit of extra annual bonus $$... figured I was a sucker for sure. All this was around 3-5 years ago.... when everything was bubbled and hyper-inflating. Take a look at the prices now in the red book,, or better yet, what these are realizing on ebay. Pick any key or semi-key date..... Only investment (doubling as a nice hobby), that's done well yoy since I got in. Love it ! As for bullion coins,, and as for buying bullion coins at over spot <here kitty kitty,, warm bowl of milk for ya kitty kitty>,, I'd pass on the warm bowl of advertised milk..... I have around 500lbs of copper cents nicely bagged. They go for less than 50% of spot and are readily available everywhere. You'll have to hold these awhile however,, they are currently under the same type of governance as silver coins were when thier metal content value first began to significantly exceed thier face value. Thier collection is one of my favorit hobby's,,, and gets more fun every time the fed prints another Trillion.
  4. This sounds great,, but what percentage of home sellers in the U.S. are willing to finance the deal,, especially since most don't own thier home free and clear. It would essentially require most sellers to finance both the amount owed on thier current home, in addition to thier next home,,,, too messy. Opportunity to buy from sellers willing to finance is there, but very tough to find,,,, A land contract (sometimes known as a “contract for deed” or an “installment sale agreement”) is a contract between the owner of a property and a person who wants to buy the property for an agreed-upon purchase price. Under a land contract, the seller retains the legal title to the property, while permitting the buyer to take possession of it for most purposes other than legal ownership. The sale price is typically paid in periodic installments....
  5. OMG. These guys appear to have hit a new low in TPG's.... I've purchased 1 coin from a 3-4th tier tpg,, i think it was acg, or agc, or whatever....... was actually very happy with the coin and price and agreed with the grade..... but took my time reviewing the auction, asked for additional pics, got a nice discount, etc... ntc stuff always appears problematic, cleaned, etc..., but at least get thier coins within 1 or 2 grade partitions of the actual.... Congrats uscg (United Scam Consignment Group?),,, take another swig and grade a few more.... and thanks for the comedy relief.
  6. Looks like a few are still lurking. Haven't seen a post from 28Plain in awhile...... and what ever happened to 16D, he seems to have whooshed after being a victim of theft as I remember.... wonder what ever happened in that ol' mess, I think he knew who did it,,,,, hummmm.... maybe he's doing 15-20, out in 7 with good behavior ?
  7. Man that was fast... got mine today.. Thanks Jeff !
  8. Brass Plated. Some times the alloy process the mint uses results in Brass planchets... I search cents fairly regularly to pass an hour when I have it to spare, and find them on occassion.... I keep them as interesting coins only, unsure of the value,,,, as always, it's worth what someone is willing to pay. Don't think I've found any 06's, but have some from the late 90's and maybe 1 or 2 from the early 00's. Keep it ! Check out Ken Potters site,,,, he sells them. http://koinpro.tripod.com/Brass.htm
  9. Oh my,,, i can hear all those can's of acetone cracking open in basements around the country now..... and the cycle continues... tone it, dip it, tone it, dip it....
  10. Your right, I don't "know" anyone in this forum,, haven't met a one, but have read regularly for awhile. As already stated, the blurb about a marketing ploy was jestful,, sorry u took it otherwise. The blurb about getting out now was not,, I think it's a shame that Jeff is calling it quits, but if anything positive can be pointed out, it can be noted that he should do well on his collection at this point in time with respect to the current run up of most coins over the past 5-10 years and also the current metals spot prices...... I think his wallet will be bigger than when he started collecting,, both long term and short term purchases should do well in a sell off. I may even assist in this if see's fit to sell any to me. I know he's been around coins for some time, as I have.... and sincerely hope this is a partial sell off and that those coins with heartstrings remain in his, and his heirs, possession for many many years. I hope Jeff does very well if he insists on selling, hope he remains active in the hobby from the coin purchasing sideline, hope he keeps active in this forum,, and I hope he jumps back in a buys everything he sells back in 2-3 years or whenever..... if he does, I think he'll do well financially... not that he appears to need it.
  11. The best deals I've ever realized in roughly 30 years have come from ebay "collectors" or "non-dealers" selling thier coins. Gold coins for $30 (in mix lot from someone getting rid of "junk"), complete EF-BU cent collection (w/all keys except error, 09svdb and 14d were vg-f) for $775........ these wins keep me coming back. The worst purchases I've ever realized have come from ebay. Numerous coins with problems that are hidden in picture and result in over priced purchase of problem coins (these are 'everywhere' on ebay). The most consistent quality has come from heritage, but they are "really" costly. I should however also mention that I did purchase what I call a "deal" one time from heritage... got 3 toned mercs once, sold 2 on ebay and covered cost, kept 1 free.... but it took 5 years of randomly watching auctions to find that one. Oh yeah,,, Craigslist !! Got 1 or 2 nice purchases from here, but not alot on the site,, at least in my city,,,, haven't searched the US portion. NO FEES !! FREE MARKET AT IT'S BEST !! Bottom line is that ebay is fun,, deals can still be found among the non-dealer auctions,, but it's becoming less fun as more and more dealers begin to shop and shill there also. I love the new feedback rules !! I think a lot of bad dealers will begin to see thier feedback ratings plummet.
  12. Probably, yes, at least if you buying them as an investment. If your buying them for the enjoyment, then no.
  13. Yeah, I know.. was more of a hopfull jest than a dig.
  14. Now you have me curious... what happened with the dealer, and how did the collecting community rub you ? I'll PM you with a couple of my want list items.... Probably a good time to get out... metals are up, so your common stuff will probably go at a good price over what you may have in it... U sure this ain't a marketing ploy
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