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  1. Grouping of coins from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, and Netherlands East Indies. The previous owner sorted them and wrote the contents of each bag on scrap paper. I have taken photos of the lists, and looked to be sure that the coins were all there. All in 2X2’s. Quite a few silver coins, I didn’t figure it out, but I believe the ASW is close to 3 ounces, maybe more. A lot of nice minors. While there are not many mint state coins in the group, I only saw a couple that were cleaned, and I’d say 95% are decent collector coins. $110 delivered to US addresses. PayPal, cash, check, etc.. PM me if interested. - SOLD PM me with your email address if you need better photos of the lists.
  2. 1929 brown seal $5 National Bank Note from the First WIsconsin National Bank of Milwaukee (Charter #64). The note is all there with no splits or holes. Has folds and the whole note is uniformly a bit darkened by dirt. I would grade it as VG10...maybe F12. $50 delivered. 1929 brown seal $10 Federal Reserve Bank Note. St. Louis (H) bank. Nice note, but has been folded in rights at some point. The printing is not centered. I'd grade it as VF. SOLD Series 1934 $10 Federal Reserve note from the Chicage (G) bank. This note has the vivid lime green seal, but the serial number falls in those listed as having the darker seal. A nice note, I'd grade it as high VF or low XF. $20 delivered. PM me with your email address if interested and I'll send photos. Thanks!
  3. Group of two older US coins...an 1845 large cent and a 1866 nickel three cent piece. $10 + $3 shipping to US addresses, more elsewhere. PM me if interested.
  4. Group of seven smaller silver coins from the 1800's and early 1900's. The group consists of: 1865 Great Britain shilling (die 54), G+ 1904 Canada 5 cents, F 1905-A Germany 1/2 mark, VF 1874-ST Sweden 25 ore (holed) 1890 MoM Mexico 5 centavos, F/VF but slightly bent because of a hit on the rim 1889 PiR Mexico 5 centavos, VF+ 1896 MoB/G Mexico 10 centavos, VF $20 + shipping...in the US the shipping will be $3.00 - shipping to other places will be actual shipping cost + 50¢ for the padded envelope. PM me if interested.
  5. http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e45/Blackhawkcoins/Mobile%20uploads/image_zpsc8goow3l Does anyone recognize the mint mark on this 1851-61 Hsien-Feng 5 cash from China. Could it be a stylized script of the Cheng-te mint of Chihli?
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SAUDI-ARABIA-HEJAZ-NAJD-1-PIASTER-1345-AH-UNC-VERY-VERY-RARE-/261252344543
  7. Since I double posted the offering for the Australian pennies, I thought that I'd edit one of them to list a few more coins. Prices listed do not include shipping, but I'll mail them anywhere based on packing material and actual shipping costs. 1813 Essequebo & Demarary stiver, G/VG, center of reverse quite worn - $5.00 1928-F Geramny 50 reichspfennig, AU - $6.00 1736 Great Britain farthing, VG - $6.00 1738 Great Britain halfpenny, VG - $6.00 1935 Mexico 20 centavos (silver), unc., $5.00 1836-A Mo Mexico 1/4 real (copper), AU detail with weak strike on certain elements - $10.00 1931 Estonia 5 senti, AU/unc. with a little red showing around the devices - $4.00 1913 (yr. 2) China Kwang-Tung silver 10 cents, XF+ - $12.00 1874 Guernsey 4 doubles, XF - $4.00 1772-A Germany Prussia 1/3 thaler (silver), nice problem free F/F+ - $15.00
  8. Start a new collection with this group of early Australian pennies. Decent coins. most grading in the VG or F range Multiples of two date (1921 & 1927) $22.00 shipped to US addresses...higher elsewhere. 1911 1912-H 1913 1916-I 1917-I 1919 1920 1921 (2) 1922 1923 1924 1927(2) 1929 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936
  9. Shipping will be actual cost. PM me if interested. 1948 Mexico peso, XF/AU - $7.00 1949-KM British West Africa 1/10 penny, BU - $5.00 1942-D Australia sixpence, nice high grade BU with lots of lustre and some toning - $15.00 1905-J German East Africa 1/2 heller, XF with nice surfaces - $7.00 2003 (Perth) Australia 1/2 ounce square kookabura proof. Nice coin in miny capsule - no mint box or COA - $35.00 Hildesheim (German free city) 1745 2 stadt pfennig (KM# 252), XF - $35.00 1907-A Prussia 5 marks, nice original coin that grades AU50 or so - $45.00
  10. I have a group of ten uncirculated Franklin half dollars to sell...all are in the MS61-63 range, maybe one or two . Some have light toning from album storage (not rainbow), some are white. Price does not include shipping, which will be the actual cost of postage and packing materials. $140.00. PM me if interested. (SOLD) 1959 1961-D 1961-D 1960-D 1962 1958 1952 1952-S 1963 1963-D
  11. Group of seven low mintage 1951 great Britain pennies. All are unc. and brown, with some having a little red around the devices and lettering. Nice coins. $210.00 delivered for the lot. Attractively toned 1935-A 5 marks from Germany. Photos are of raw coin...it's now in a PCGS MS63 holder. $150.00 delivered. PM me if interested.
  12. 1913 Russia 1 kopek. Just about all red, lustrous - $20.00 delivered 1912 Finland 1 penni, red - $10.00 delivered PM me if interested.
  13. 1905-J German East Africa 1/2 heller. Uncirculated, red/brown with good lustre. $45.00 delivered. 1912 Belgium 1 centime, German legend, Nice unc., mostly red. $30.00 delivered. PM me if interested
  14. Set of six 1965 Canada prooflike coins (cent to dollar) in a screw together Capitol holder...I'm not sure what variety of dollar is in the set. The coins are better than average and the silver issues have light toning at the rims. The holder has some masking tape residue on it that could be removed. The silver value on this set is currently a little over $32.00. $35.00 delivered to US addresses...slightly more elsewhere based on actual delivery costs. PM me if interested.
  15. I have a coin from Finland that I can't put a price on...although it would seem that there should be some for sale that I could compare it to, apparently there are none currently on the internet, Ebay included. The coin is a 1930 10 pennia, which has the lowest mintage of the series (650,000), but is listed at a fairly low price in guides - the 1931, which has a much larger mintage is listed at a higher price, but again I can't find out much about the coins from that date either. Are these coins that hard to find, or is it a case that there are few collectors out there and thus little demand for them?
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