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Elizabeth II

Sir Sisu

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OK, she is modern and she most often graces non-intrinsic coins that are minted in the kaboollions, but she has been around long enough and in many different styles that I thought that she deserves her own thread like Vicky has.


While her younger portrait (first one?) is very nice:



My favorite is this:



From what I can tell, this version of her only appears on coins from former colonies. Is there some reason why this is so? -Why was there a seperate design for domestic coins and one for colonies?

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My favourite was always the Machin (the one that just about everyone knows!) which reigned supreme from the mid 60s up until the 1990s in some areas. Known as the 'decimal portrait'.


The Gillick (i.e the top portrait you post) well actually that came in two minor versions (in the UK itself at least). The 1953 version is pretty nasty, it looks much like the one you posted except in lower relief and it often struck weakly. So it kinda looks more like a modern slug coinage struck in 2003 than 1953.


In 1954 though they recut the dies deeper so that some of the hair detail could actually be seen. That portrait looks particularly nice on very lustrous brass i always though, but i loved the threepence coins as a kid.


Favourite Lizzie coins?


1) The brass threepence

2) The decimal halfpenny (rubbish design really but 1/2 a penny, that's got to be worth some novelty value!)


3) £2 coins... i just like the bi-metal thing.

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Upper lip unstiffened for a moment whilst I missive this:


The coins in the "colonies" were different, because the colonies were not on par with the bountiful Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Upper lip restiffened and departing thus.


Only GB and the Dominions (Canada, Australia, N.Z., S.A.) were permitted to use uncrowned portraits.

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My favorite ERII? Well, I'm still awful enamored of the coronation crown I picked up a couple weeks ago, and the Churchill crown that I've not gotten yet, and I liked the Canadian centennial coinage which I used to see a lot of when I lived in Toledo. The second portrait was so elegant.


After I got into UK issues and started getting some of the more recent portraits, my previous roommate referred to the portraits as Young Liz, Lady Liz, Old Liz, Old Bag. Oy. Me, I dunno, I think each has their charm, but the Machin and Maklouf are my favorites, and of the two, I prefer the Machin.

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So there are some form of rules/laws that govern how the images of the monarch must appear for commonwealth countries?


I think the rest simply had to used a crowned portrait. I'm not sure, but I believe that there were a variety of portraits available, and one would be chosen for a colony's coinage, so that's where you see your fav. obverse also used on British East Carribean, Hong Kong, and possibly other coinage.

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