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  1. Nvm...i dug the price on that one up elsewhere on the net... Thank you again for the help DawsonsLV...it's really appreciated. All done!
  2. Awesome! Thank you... Anyone have info on that Canadian V-nick ? That's all i like now... I know they're common, but i still want to go according to the book.
  3. Actually not quite done here yet... I don't have a 19th century Krause, and i just need the values for these. 1-Hong Kong-5 cents-1895 2-Canada-large cent-1887 3-Canada-large cent-1893 4-Great Britain-1/2 penny-1900 5-Great Britain-1/2 penny-1861 6-Italy-20 centesimi-1894 7-France-10 centimes-1890 8-Austria-2 heller-1899 And lastly, a 1943 "V-back" Canadian nickel...which for some reason is not in my book. Grrrr... This is the last of em i promise....thx again for the help. Cheers, E-Eye
  4. Hey thanx for the help guys... Yes i can barely make out Cinq Centimes on the back of Napoleon here now that i have something to go by. Are 4 and 5 really bus tokens ? If so are they from N. Korea, S. Korea, or .........?
  5. Hey up C-people... I was elected by my GF's grandma to check out their old stash of world coins. Need ID, and ballpark values if possible on these... Thanks for any help you can give me... Cheers, Eagleeye ------------------------------------------------------------------ Coin - #1 (1872) Coin - #2 (1862) Coin - #3 (1878) Coin - #'s 4 & 5 (Korean i think...can't find them though...) Thanx again!
  6. LMAO!!! Boy do i know the feelin'... Can't wait till i can retire and actually dedicate some time to my hobby again...right now it's just a chore to stay awake...
  7. Hey again everybody. Blackhawk kind of inspired me to revive this thread...will more than likely buy anything that is'nt on here... Paypal payments preferred... Thx C-peeps... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a list of everything that i HAVE..... Japanese coin tally..... 1 Mon (Cash-type) (1) 1740 (3) Unidentified (1) 100 Mon (Cash-type) Mid 1800's 1/2 Sen Meiji 8- 1875 Meiji 10-1877 Meiji 15-1882 Meiji 20-1887 1 Sen Meiji 7-1874 Meiji 8-1875 Meiji 9-1876 Meiji 10-1877 Meij
  8. More stuff from the B-man tonight... Along with a couple pretty little asian bonuses... Thank you again bro. A+++++++++++++++++++
  9. ......when evil nanas attack I'm down for a buck on this one. Interresting lot...
  10. Cool, thx. PM me when u have a final tally + prices please...
  11. Wassup Doc ? Sure, if you want to do the "hang onto one of each" thing, take your picks and LMK prices on the rest. Do u paypal ?
  12. Yet more Japanese beauties from Bill... Seems like christmas every time i get a package from this man... Domo aragato my friend...keep em coming.
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