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2005 colored S$1


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For those of you who collect Canadian S$1, you may know for this year that there's the


Regular UNC and proof versions



Gold-plated version



But there's also a recently put-out colored version



The colored one was issued at $100, but had a low mintage of 5,000. Furthermore, it appears that certain dealers managed to get hold of large quantities, while many only got 1-2, if at all! (I know at least 2 dealers who ordered and got none)


It currently sells for US$200+. I'm wondering what's going on.

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I wanted one at issue price and plum forgot the darn thing and I don't want to pay double to get one now. I like low mintage coins but haven't paid much attention to Canada recently but did grab one of the $5 Deer and Fawn coin and stamp sets to go along with my Polar Bear, Grizzly, Moose and Loon from last year. Had to pass on the Walrus and that will probably be a big mistake in the end. It will probably end up the KEEPER of the whole series.

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